The erotic messages of the married teacher are revealed with her 13-year-old student: You look more like me ...

A mistress has ended up in shackles after some intimate messages have been published between her and the 13-year-old student. The unprecedented event occurred at a school in Arizona, United States of America.

Local police said the 28-year-old Brittany Zamora and the student had sex in the classroom in the eyes of another teenager and her car.

Meanwhile, the classmates she had in custody reported that while others did not see them, they moved in intimate locations.

They were the 13-year-old parents who first discovered erotic content messages, dirty vocabulary, and nude photographs.

Zamora was telling her students to write them after getting bored.

Some of the messages:

Teacher: What are you doing?

Student: I'm thinking about you, sex.

Teacher: Oh, my heart, I would like to be here with me.

Student: And I, when will we do it again?

Teacher: I want you to have it again, when we become, you know I'm ready. You look like sex every passing day.

Student: I want you to be strong enough that I did not have enough time.

Teacher: Neither do I want to limit you. I love you, you are very delightful. I would like to have stayed behind.

Student: And I do.

Teacher: If I had to leave the job and do it with you every day, I would have done it.

American media say that now on the married teacher weigh 10 charges and she continues to be in jail.

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