Fjolla Morina photos with businessman

In pictures: Fjolla Morina and businessman Flamur Azemi who is her partner Five months pregnant and no one was able to see her swollen stomach, even though she is in top form. The girl with the biggest chest in the Albanian scene will become mother again, but this time after 12 years, because her daughter from the first marriage is already in fifth grade and not as it is said she is still 8 years old. Last week it was written that Fjolla is pregnant and has started a new relationship with a Kosovar businessman. We learned that the selector of sex singer, his business had focused on the Czech Republic, but who currently lives in Kosovo. "Panorama plus" also managed to uncover the couple's photos together to quell the curiosity of the singer's fans, who for two consecutive years had become part of the pink press with different love stories but hiding the truth. The love affair between Fjolla Morina and Flamur Azemi is lasting more than two years, while this romance will only be crowned after four months with a new birth. They will become parents. The singer, though pregnant, just weeks ago has banned her public activities while continuing to enjoy the nightlife, wearing some clothes covering her stomach that has started to blow. In photo: Fjolla Morina and businessman Flamur Azemi who is her partner

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