PENALTY MASTERS / How did Tafili order imprisonment from executions of businessmen

A week after the arrest of three suspected allegedly charged killers, the State Police yesterday officially spoke of the crimes they allegedly committed, calling it a structured criminal group.

The sub-director of the police during the press conference

Deputy General Director of State Police, Haki Çako, said yesterday that this group was run by prisoners forever Admir Tafili, who according to him had the role of the mediator, as the orders for the crimes gave him another.

In a press conference, in addition to the crimes that had previously been made public in the media, he spoke of three other events suspected of the arrested Alfred Qefalia, Kristi Pine and Alexander Gora. According to him, they were also paid for the explosive assassination of Fushë-Kruja Prisoner Arben Sulo, a case that occurred in Durres on January 19 this year, where Sulo was seriously injured.

According to the number two of the State Police, the suspects were also paid for two other events in Pogradec, which they did not realize. Haki Çako, at the end of the conference, said that the 3 arrested persons, Admir Tafili who is in jail and two other persons being declared wanted, are also being investigated for the explosive placed at the pharmacy of Bashkim Tahiri, the father of the Interior Minister .

Aleksander Gora

VRASES GROUP By Deputy Director General of the Police, following an intensive and one-month investigation of the Department of Organized Crime and Serious Crimes in cooperation with the Prosecution of Serious Crimes and Tirana Police, Elbasan, Korça and Shkodra, several serious criminal events have been documented.

Several serious events that occurred in 2014 and during the two months of this year, gun and explosive attacks, were carried out according to Chakos by a structured criminal group, with a tendency to pay homicides.

"The documented criminal group consisted of citizens Admir Tafili, Alfred Qefalia, Kristi Pine, Aleksandër Gora and AO, 50 years old, Dh.Z., 22, from Tirana, declared in search", said Haki Çako during the conference on Press.

AGAINST CRIMES According to the official sources of the Police, the three detainees and the two detained persons searched by orders from Admir Tafili from prison were notified of the payments they would receive for each attack they ordered, the amount that ranged from 5 thousand to 50 thousand euros.

Admir Tafili

The first event they are accused of is the attempted murder of C4 builder Armando Ceka, for which they were paid 5,000 euros.

This event occurred on 26 February last year and the target was seriously wounded, Çeka, his lawyer, Julian Cela and bodyguard Artur Sharra. The next crime for which they allegedly have been paid for 20 thousand Euros happened in Shkodra on June 25, 2014. At this event, 50-year-old Ibrahim Mani was killed with automatic bursts.

The next event they failed despite having been paid 10,000 euros, occurred in Tirana, near Shkoza on September 4 last year. At the event, 37-year-old Edmond Cakmashi was wounded by a bullet hail that struck his "Audi" car with which he was traveling.

The suspects were paid 25,000 euros for the murder of businessman Leonard Murati in Durres on 18 November 2014. On 19 January this year, they blasted the car with which he traveled to Durres, Fushë-Kruja Prison Director, Arben Sulo, seriously injured.

Left left, Admir Tafili, Alfret Qefalia and Kristi Pine

The events that are being accused of

IM gunman murder, an event that occurred on 25.06.2014 in the city of Shkodra in the place called "Mushkonja House".

• The remaining murder of the citizen E.Ç, event on 05.09.2014 in the city of Tirana in Shkoza district.

• Attempted Accidental Killing of Explosive Substances by AC, JC, and A.SH citizens, occurring on 26.02.2014, in "Budi" Street, Tirana, where as a consequence of the explosion, the above citizens were seriously injured as well as considerable material damage.

• Attempted murder due to the special properties of explosive substances placed on the vehicle of citizen AS, Director of Prison of Fushë-Krujë.

• Receipt of 25 thousand Euros for the murder of citizen LM, event dated 18.11.2014, in the city of Durres.

• Receipt of 50 thousand Euro for the killing of two businessmen in the city of Pogradec (unrealized event).

• Receipt of 20 thousand Euros for the murder of Aleksandër Gora citizen's assault, with initial AV, (unforeseen event).

Evidence seized

From the controls of the premises owned by the members of the group were found and sequestered in the quality of material evidence:

* A Model Firearm "Scorpions" with 10 cartridges in 7.65mm caliber caliber.

* A gun type pistol brand name "Smith: mod 9604 with 5 pieces of cartridge 9mm caliber.

* Eye silencer.

* 6 cellular phone apaparete, SIM card

* 9,000 (nentemije) euro

* A motorcycle piaggio type scooter

* A Zastava firearm, filled with 15 (fifteen) pieces of 9 mm caliber cartridges.

* A shotgun shotgun type.

* One cartridge necklace, black colored material and black brown tile, where 9 (nine) 12 mm caliber cartridges are placed, which have the N 92 special stamp 46 (the cartridges are with an upright capsule.

* A black and blue bulletproof vest with the corresponding inscriptions.

* 10 (ten) 12 mm caliber shotgun cartridges, with an intact red and black color capsule.

* A circular, black and red plastic gearbox with two reddish wire trimmed lines at their edges.

* A pair of plastic black plastic binoculars.

* A black-colored cloth bag with the appropriate inscriptions.

* A pistol-shaped avi in gray with the PEMCO.MODEL NOSG-109 inscription.

* A black type "Scooter" without a license plate, TECH FOR FUND, with a broken fender.

* SIM card of various companies


The materials in custody of these citizens passed to the Prosecutor's Office at the First Instance Court for Serious Crimes for the acts "Intentional Murder committed in collaboration", "Premeditated murder committed in co-operation that remained tentatively", "Murder under circumstances "Criminal Structures Group", provided by articles 78-25, 78-22-25, 79 / dh, 278/2/4 and 333 / a of the Code criminal. In co-operation with the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office, work is ongoing to fully document the criminal activity of this criminal group.


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