The First Strike Against Fethullah Gülen

The Criminal Court in Turkey's Adana city in the framework of investigations against violent terrorist cult FETO has taken the decision to confiscate the property of its leader Fethullah Gülen, reports Anadolu Agency (AA).

Fethullah Gulen is the main accused in the case initiated by the prosecution in Adana and charged with "attempting to violate the constitutional order" in Turkey. For Gülen, Omer Ekincin, Kemal Elibalin and Gjemal Soncu it was found that they are abroad and for these reasons a warrant was issued.

Since the defendants have the status of fugitives, the Adana Criminal Court referred to Article 278 of the Criminal Code of Turkey and has taken the decision to confiscate all the property of the abovementioned persons.

"With this decision, all the real estate in Turkey is handed over to the accused, as well as the means of transport, securities, shares in certain companies, and all bank accounts are blocked," the court announces.

Gülen, respectively the violent terrorist cult FETO in charge of which he is, is accused of attempting a coup attempt on July 15 this year, during which 230 people were killed and more than 2,000 were injured.

The Republic of Turkey earlier issued a warrant for Gülen, canceled his passport and sent a request to the United States for his extradition to Turkey.


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