Intimate Video / Police Woman Phonees Live: The Stronger Reaction Have Girls, I ...

The wife of the Gruemirë Highland police officer has confessed to the news and accusations against her husband, Berhan Bajrakurti, denouncing having sexually bullied a 15-year-old girl and an intimate video was also released for this charge.

In a phone link to the 'Open Heart' show in News24, the police wife said she did not believe in any moment that her husband could do so.

"I heard and I picked up the phone, told me they stopped for a problem, but would solve it. I did not believe for a moment what came out first, "she said.

The first words your spouse told you?

He told me everything was manipulated and I believed because I know my husband. I have 27 years with him and these are libel.

Do you think there were malicious intentions?

How is the spouse's emotional state?

It hurts what happened. We give our support. The strongest reaction was for girls. We all felt bad.

Do you have an appeal?

Spouse gives courage and faces justice. I have left the others to others.


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