Video / Captured for hair, MP speaks: Hooligans were about to kill and kill

SDSM deputy chairman and vice-president Radmila Shekerinska has shown the tragedy that she had experienced last night during the attack on Macedonian hooligans, TetovaSot reports.

"The Hooligans were prepared to kill and kill, there were 7 to 8 MPs on the list, but forgive God we saved," Sheqerinska switched on TV 24 Vesti.

She also has shown that she has seen blood-stained Ziadin Sela and who was struggling for life, and how much she had had severe headaches, after numerous blows from hooligan protesters.

Horror in Macedonia, protesters seize the deputy in parliament

The protesters who spoke to the Macedonian Parliament did not spare either the female gender. In a video released by Radio Free Europe is seen when one of the protesters forcibly withdraws SDSM deputy Radmila Sheqerinska.

While, on the other hand, some masked protesters and some without hiding their identity continued to strike with SDSM chairman Zoran Zaev, deputy MPs and other MPs who had taken a corner of the room where the functionaries of the parties were hiding.

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