VIDEO / Trupire reveals "Revealed" Rama, Prime Minister dresses and undress at Presidency

Politics in addition to debates, it also produces fun moments, where officials are "released" out of formal suits. The "This Week" show in "News 24" has brought a glimpse of the most spiking developments in politics during the week, while the one most notable is a prime minister's move.

Edi Rama a few days ago was in a meeting with Kavaja's youth, while there dressed in sports, with hooded jackets and hooded skirts. But returning to Tirana forced the government's first to address the SP headquarters, where he also summoned the chairman's meeting for approving Ilir Meta's candidacy for president. But what came to the eye after Rama left the SP headquarters was the fact that he came out with a formal outfit.

Just as everyone else thinks is, Rama from the 'Hall' has been forced to switch to his office, where unfortunately he was 'uncovered' by his bodyguard. The cameras are filming the speeding bodyguard, with some worn-out clothes that are exactly the stuff that Rama was wearing when he entered the SP chairman's meeting. Among the joyful moments is the fact that Rama and his bodyguard have the shoes alike, and the fact that Mr. Ilir Meta, the new president cleans his jacket as he joins the Congress Palace. See more fun moments in the video that publishes 'BalkanWeb'.

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