"Good girls should not take the office to the corner." 101 mistakes and advice for all women

Criticism has called a testament to women and girls in the first steps of professional career as well as those that culminate in different areas of life. American psychology, the author of the book "Good girls should not take office in the corner", for the reader many situations not only illustrated with real life examples, but also beyond the psychological interpretation, Lois P.Frankel provides valuable solutions after any error, as such by the author himself. Details that are not paid attention, especially during work, personal relationship with yourself, the surrounding community and superiors, why not ...

Vasilika Tafa, director of the book house OMBRA GVG

"A book for women and men" \ r \ nWhy do you choose to bring this book to the Albanian reader? There are many girls in the Albanian society with a rich academic career, very capable professionals, who live in institutions, time are looking for a proper position, which rightly belongs to. It often happens that although they are more prepared than their bosses, this category continues to be hurt. Not just in institutions, but also in different businesses often happens the same story. Exactly, for social categories, this book will be a "faithful companion" a guide, which will not slip easily from the hand. This was the motive that led us to come up with this book, for this social layer, but also for a little more, for women on whom career barriers arise or settle. When I read the book in Albanian with the translation of Kozeta Kurti, a well-known journalist, in addition to the rich vocabulary and a communication language, I found that this publication will be for the reader "a faithful advisor." publication market, or say need a handbook dedicated to women? \ r \ nTo many perseverance and feminine desire are realized or enables this reality. Is there always the right path for their realization? Why often misunderstandings or defeats occur to many women seeking a deserved position or are looking for a job and why? Among this multitude of personal dilemmas, or of my friends, of the many questions posed to us in terms of defeat or undeserved success, I think such a book is the right guide that guides us not to be foolish, or not to err violated on the rotten board. Also, this issue and the messages that evoke this book is a pressing need in the book market, especially for female sex readers, regardless of their profession and social, intellectual, or psychological state. There are many women who have closed their political career, journalism, art, or offices in various institutions and have been placed in oblivion. Even for them is this book. Each of them will find in the book's 101 errors some of the mistakes he has made throughout his life. From the title, it seems like a book that is only "feminine" for women. But is it also valid for the opposite sex? The book is mainly for women. The book addresses the girls who have just started their career, career women and others who have left their profession. For all, it offers advice and facilitates important decisions that you have to take in life. This book is for men, especially for lawmakers, state administration executives, state ministers, or prime ministers who should remember that women are as capable professionally as men, and that their role in decision-making should not be donated , but to be gained by persistence or career performance.

Errors and Advice Looking for forgiveness? To apologize for something unintentional destroys our self-confidence, but also the trust that others have in us. It is beyond our nature to confront the real source of error that may come from the poor communication of the other person. It seems as if you want to reduce the technical details of a conflict, but this may make you look guilty when you are not. \ R \ nTips \ r \ n * Avoid the tendency to apologize when it puts you in lower position. Do not do it only because it can please someone. Consider yourself in equal positions. The fact that the other person has a higher level than you do not make that person better than you. Make him sit at the meeting with your hands under the table? \ R \ nSitting at the meeting is not like sit on a table for dinner. You do not have to follow the rules in your childhood to keep the elbows off the table. Observe the others as they sit at the meeting. When men get their word, they rely on elbows on the table and refer to them with much confidence. Even when they hear something that awakens their interest, you may notice that the situation is the same, with the elbows resting on the table and the hands clasped below the beard. Tips \ r \ n * During the meetings stand a little ahead, put the forearms on your desk, with your hands clinging lightly. First, this picture will make you look more involved in the conversation and secondly, puts you in a perfect position to make gestures at a necessary moment. \ R \ nGaming 100 \ r \ nTo Solicit sexual harassment? \ A woman should never tolerate sexual harassment that is very different from gender-based discrimination. If gender discrimination refers to gender-based decisions, sexual harassment refers to the willingness or unwillingness of a woman to respond to requests for sexual favors or to tolerate someone who fears, is hostile or offensive at work. This is not the same claim as smart employers know when a woman makes no compromises of this kind or cheats. In the case of a request for sexual favors, the first and best thing that you can do it is to tell the one you clash that this behavior is neither desirable nor welcome on your part. In the case of environmental harassment, whether you are doing the job of impatient work or pressure, just let them know that you do not endure these kinds of jokes and blame an "Mjaft!". Once you say "No" or "Enough", no one can continue saying "It's a matter of coincidence." Do you think that I would sooner or later this point. I'm drafting an expression of Tom Hanks in one of his movies, which says "There is no tears in baseball or in the office." You do not need scientific titles to know that women cry when they are happy, when they are bored, when they feel frustrated, when they are nervous, when there is sun, when there is ... in short, always, for everything. Although most women know that they can not do this at work, they often do nothing to help themselves in this direction. \ R \ nTo help \ r \ n * If you happen to weep at work, ask for forgiveness immediately. Do not rest, crying screaming. This makes people feel uncomfortable. By disconnecting yourself from this situation, let others rest on the thorns-they will understand your condition-and give yourself time to reclaim forces to move on. You can say something standard of type: "I heard what you said ... Leave me a little time to think and come back to you ...".


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