Tirana, disappear three trafficked girls

Criminal Proceeding of the Workers of the Victims of Trafficking Center.

Police: They have fled from the Linz Rehabilitation Center.

TIRANA - Three girls, 15, 20 and 24, disappear from the Victim Trafficking Center. Girls who had been sent for rehabilitation in the center for several months after they had managed to escape exploitation for prostitution in Italy and Greece, escaped Thursday evening from the Victims of Trafficking Center in Linza, Tirana. Police have immediately begun searching for their return to the center, casting suspicions that they may have been "deceived" by the same tutors who can return to the places they used to. While criminal proceedings have been initiated against rehabilitation workers, to clarify the circumstances in which the girls have retired. According to sources from Tirana Police, missing girls are 15-year-old Teuta M., Kavaja, Fidajete Xh., 20 years old from Fier, and Durime S., 24, from Tirana. According to police data, Teuta, Fidelity and Endurance abandoned their opportunity to be rehabilitated at a specialized center for treating the victims of trafficking on Thursday evening. The same sources confirmed that girls who were sheltering in the center for a few months have disappeared from the eyes of social workers at the Linze Trafficking Victim Rehabilitation Center and no one has managed to prevent their "escape". This was also the reason why Commissariat No.4 has initiated criminal proceedings against the staff of this center. According to the police, it is suspected that the three girls have crossed the walls of the rehabilitation facility and then took a taxi or bus line to leave more quickly from the place where they were sheltered. Immediately after receiving notice of their departure, the police distributed their photos as well as the features for each, making them available to field agents to help them find them. Some tracks are currently being investigated in connection with the removal of girls. One of the tracks of the investigation is their willingness to leave, as well as the possibility that they are deceived in order to be re-trafficked by persons who used to exploit prostitution outside Albania. The sources said that during the night some girls were verified, but that they have not yet fallen in the footsteps of those who have left.

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