Albanian Families who became parents during 2016

This year I will remember all the life for some Albanian artists. That's because they've got the best epithet that can be for a man, being a parent.

Some for the first time, and some for the second time, artists through social networks have made public the joyful news of becoming parents.

Here are the artists who through the statuses and photos have made public the news that they have become parents.

February - Edona Llalloshi

The famous singer, in February of this year, became the mother for the second time, of a son who baptized Nur.

Mars - Emina Cunmulaj

The Albanian model from Montenegro Emina Cunmulaj, in March, became the mother for the first time of a girl she baptized with two names Ella Faria. The second name is the name of her late mother. The cheerful news she had immediately made public on social networks.

"Welcome my dear, Ella Faria Nazarian. My beautiful family, "wrote Emina.

April - Ergys Kaçe

Albanian national football player, at the same time midfielder of Greek PAOK PA, Ergys Kaçe in April became father for the first time. The 23-year-old footballer has become the father of a girl, whom she has felt the best in the world.

In the first photo released on Instagram, Ergysi shows the feet of the newborn baby and happy wrote: "The most beautiful feeling in the world! My princess ".

May - Vesa Luma

Vesa Luma, a Kosovar singer married to rapper from Albania Big Basta in May, became parents for the first time a boy named Liam. The news of being father has been given to Big Basta first.

"Today, not just your family, but the whole world enjoys, because a good man came to life! Our Prince, our friend, our brother, our son! "Writes Big Basta on Instagram.

August - Teuta Kurti Luta

Teuta Kurti Luta, who has a daughter who is called Aya, has become a mother for the second time of twins.

Gemini, girl and boy have baptized with very special names, Dar and Danah.

August - Arta Bajrami

In the same month has become the mother for the second time the well-known Kosovo singer Arta Bajrami Sekiraqa. The famous singer who lives in Germany, his son has baptized Ideal Morris Sekiraqa.

September - Former Miss Albania Suada Sherifi

The beauty of Miss Albania, Suada Sherifi in September, became the mother for the first time she was baptized by Dejzi.

October - Teuta Krasniqi

The actress, who is widely rumored in the pink media for her personal and professional life, has become a mother for a second time of a girl. Tara's first daughter was made with a sister who was baptized by Kaya.

November - Stine

Stine and his partner Graciela have become the parents of a girl named Estia.

Excited Stine has reported that she has become a parent with the most beautiful words that describe the feelings of this day. "It is called Estia and her hand already greets everyone," wrote Stine.

December - Aurela Gaçe

The very energetic singer from Albania Aurela Gaçe, a few weeks ago, has become a mother for the second time. His daughter was baptized with two rare names.

"Abigail (daddy's joy) Isabelle (devoted to God). Abigail Isabelle Gjonaj, "wrote Aurela.

December - Sara Hoxha and Ledion Liço

Sara Hoxha and moderator Ledion Liço have become the parents of a son named by an interesting London Noor name.

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