Tahiri is acquainted with the charges: Politically Committed Prosecutor, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit ...

Former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri, after leaving the Serious Crimes Court, gave a statement to the media as he was acquainted with the charges.

In a communication with the media he has said he will go to the end of his truths, adding that he does not need any support from the prime minister, but only his own truths.

Part of Tahiri's statement:

It is not a big surprise, the prosecution commanded the way it started, so this story, so despite the encouragement I have from the inside to deal with this story, I do not want to deal, I will respect it until the end as long as I am to this situation, I will go to the end even believing.

Which side is politically commanded?

This my story was born as a political process and when I say commanded I have in mind the politics, crime and justice that are so much together that the Father and the Holy Spirit are, are not yet divided and I see it.

What were the evidence?

I did not see any of the following.

Mr. Tahiri, those charged with the same charge are kept in prison, are you afraid that the prosecution will ask for your arrest? I'm not scared of anything but the truth, I do not care what the prosecution does, I just care the truth and the power to go to the end after having any need, know that it is a shameful political process, commanded from beginning to end, I learned with difficulty I will not have a problem, I will ...

Which side of the command, when governing the majority where you have contributed ...

Do not try to find encrypted messages, I have no encrypted message, I have no underground relationship with anyone I'm direct and I have no power to lie and deal with untruths.

Do you have the support of Rama?

I do not need anymore, I do not need anyone's support, but just my truth. If you think you need someone's support and being in someone's armpits.

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