Athletes at risk of caring for lack of trauma treatment

Athletes who have left their career in the middle because of untreated trauma. In our country physiotherapy is still a developing medical field with great deficiencies in treatment protocols, but also the technology being used. The only specialized center that can help all those who have suffered a sports trauma is the Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center at the "Our Lady of the Good Council" hospital. Thanks to the most modern methods of physiotherapy, athletes and not only they have the chance to return to normal activity after various injuries and interventions. Yesterday, during the international conference held at the premises of this university, involving local and foreign doctors, athletes, Minister of Culture and Sports, Aldo Bumçi, head of the Sports University, focused on the importance of proper diagnosis and prevention of sports trauma. "Physiotherapeutic treatment is of crucial importance to the recovery of the athlete, but not only. All patients who undergo this treatment should be followed in the best way by a personalized physiotherapist and have the right specialization ", said during the conference Carlo Gigli, Head of Traumatology Service at Belcolle Hospital in Viterbo, Italy. from the best doctors in the field. \ r \ n As prof.dr. Ernesto Aliciço, head of the Center for Traumatology of Sports and Physiotherapy at a hospital in Rome, a former Italian national team doctor and many teams named in Italy, insists on trauma prevention. "The records that we find in advance are almost all internal diseases, such as heart, pneumonia, and so on. We have discovered guys who have heart problems that can not do sports, but they are discovered at the right time and are treated and live healthy for life. They would be jeopardized if they were not discovered at the right moment. In trauma cases, the injury should be treated so as not to affect the athlete's sports career, "said the Italian doctor. According to him, in dozens of cases, a sportsman lost his career due to injury. "There are either trauma that is not captured in time or that is not treated by specialized personnel. I have seen a fracture that advanced in a very serious illness, as the wrong treatment caused the bone to become infected, "said Aliciço. From what was said yesterday at the conference, a very successful finding in post-traumatic therapy is hydrocortisone therapy, which is also applied to the "Good Governance" Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Center. "This type of therapy involves rehabilitation in the water. In human body water is 80% lighter than in the air. This gives you relief in rehabilitation, because the musculature works more easily in the water. Also warm water relaxes the musculature, "said Pjeter Naraçi, technical director of the Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine at the QSU" Lady of the Good Council ". According to him, rehabilitation in the water offers the possibility to recover all sorts of trauma that happens to an athlete. "In our center we offer this kind of service, which has proved to be very fruitful," said Naraçi.

Institutions Rehabilitation of Muscle Tumors Hydrocnetiotherapy at "Our Lady of the Good Council" It is a rehabilitation technique both in the pathologies of the nervous system and the musculo-skeletal apparatus. It consists of physiotherapy within the water, which has proved to be very effective in treating sports trauma.

Three Phases 1-Phase Damage Breaking and, consequently, necrosis of the muscle tissue, causing hematoma, rash and swelling of the area. 6-8 Days Extension 2-Repair Phase Anti-corpse tissue cleaning and in-body regeneration of damaged capillary area. It lasts 10-15 days. 3-Phase Remodeling It is characterized by the maturation of the newest muscle tissue, the least, from the molding of the damaged tissue, bringing improved functional ability. It lasts 3-4 weeks.

Damage Causes Exterior: Anatomical Damage \ r \ n • Herniated Herpes • Emtomas

Inner \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n • Breaking

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