Discharge of Mortgage Specialists, Doracaj responds to Tabak: All employees are at work

Following the statement of the Democratic Party MP, Jorida Tabaku, that the employees of the Immovable Property Registration Offices all over the country have suspended the work, in protest of the dismissal of their two colleagues, reacted to the Chief Registrar, Blerina Doracaj .

Asked by the newspaper "Panorama", if there was a ban on the work of mortgage workers, Doracaj said that all specialists have been in charge of duty serving the citizens.

"Mortgage specialists around the country are in charge of duty. Whoever he / she does not respond in time to the citizens, the worse he / she who refuses to do his / her duty under the law will receive the deserved punishment! This is just the beginning! "Said the conductor Doracaj.

She invited citizens to report to the Platform of Co-Government any cases of abuse of the office of Immovable Property Registration Officers.

"We are in the service of the citizens and the time of money under the hand is finished once and for all! Invite all citizens who have a denunciation for a concrete case or concrete name, to address the "Platform for Co-Government"! The reaction, just like today, will be immediate! This is the continuation of work that together with Prime Minister Rama we started four months ago! "Said Doracaj.

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