Saimir Tahiri, Serious Crimes. The charges communicated by the prosecution

BLEONA METUSHI / Serious Crimes Prosecution closed investigations for former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri. Who, as expected, arrived this noon on the Crime, where the accusations will be made known.

Referring to sources, Serious Crimes will require the former minister to accuse two counts of "Narcotics Trafficking" within the structured criminal group and the "Passive Corruption of Senior State Officials".

Meanwhile, in a media response yesterday, lawyer Maksim Haxhia, said that neither they as defense were unaware of the material, as they had not yet taken delivery. We recall that a few weeks ago, the court ordered the prosecution to close all investigative actions against the former minister by March 10 and make a decision on the fate of the file.

After hearing the allegations, today at 13:00, it is expected that within 10 days a preliminary hearing will be held whereby the Court will hear defense objections and evaluate the investigations conducted so far. About 17 months of investigation was conducted by the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office for Saimir Tahiri, while during this time they demanded five times their extension with the claim that they were waiting for a letter by the Italian and Montenegrin authorities.

An investigation that went to five prosecutors ended with three of them: Vladimir Mara, Dritan Prençi and Arenc Çela, who not less than a month ago decided to extend the investigation by April, to wait for a letter receipt the latest by the Italians, but this decision was opposed by Tahiri, who in the third confrontation with the Prosecution Court received the "third victory".

Meanwhile, the next meeting is expected to be within 10 days from the next day, when the Court will need to make a decision, which may be the transfer of the trial file, its return to the Prosecutor to carry out some other investigative actions ordered by it or the dismissal of the case. Earlier, the Katania Prosecutor's Office closed the file for the Interior Minister, as no evidence was found against him that implicated him in drug trafficking. Saimir Tahiri was put under investigation as suspected of affiliation with the "Habilaj" group, dealing with drug trafficking to Italy. He is accused of creating group facilities in the criminal activity.


Referring to the investigations conducted by the Serious Crimes Prosecutor's Office for verification of data received by the Italian authorities, there have been some facts that, according to the Charges, implicate the former minister more. Referring to the investigative file, in addition to the tapping of the Katania Prosecutor's Office, another fact, which according to the indictment implies Tahiri, is the sale of the "Audi" car to his cousins.

From the verifications, it turns out that Tahiri bought it in 2013 for the monetary value of 21 thousand euros and sold it a year later, with a much lower figure of 9 million lek, his cousin Artan Habilaj, figure leaving room for doubt, prosecutor Besim Hajdarmataj expressed in the session for mass assessment of the former minister. Another point where the Prosecution is based is the loose movement of the group "Habilaj" in Albania, not being identified by the radars that should be controlled by the Police. According to the Prosecution, this has happened in several episodes, while specifying the case of traffic with the fisherman "Fatima", charged by Moisi Habilaj himself.


The Serious Crimes Prosecution closed investigations for three former police officers Jaeld Çela, Gjergji Kohila and Sokol Bode, taking them as defendants. For former officials, the Prosecution says there are a number of intercepts that implicate them, as their frequent and close contacts with the group led by brothers Habilaj, relatives of former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri, have been found. The three cops have been on the run since November 2017, and while Celia and Kohila have been alive here by appealing to the Prosecution's decisions, Sokol Bode seems to have disappeared.


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