Refusals for Asylum in Ireland, Albania marks record where it ranks

Asylum seekers have been the most controversial topic of 2016, as there have been tides of departure from their countries.

One of the countries that has had many leaks has been Albania, but the degree of rejection has been high.

Ireland has been the country that has rejected more requests for asylum seekers.

Refusals from Ireland for 2016 were Brazilians, Albanians, Americans, and South African citizens, according to statistics released by the Department of Justice.

About 483 Brazilians, 408 Albanians, 239 United States citizens, 231 South African and 132 Pakistani citizens rejected asylum in Ireland last year.

Also in 2015, 351 Brazilians, 338 Albanians, 252 South Africans, 166 United States citizens, 127 Pakistani and 123 Nigerians were denied access to Irish and seaports. About 118 Chinese, 96 Afghan, 70 Zimbabwe, 68 Ukrainians, and 52 Syrians were also rejected.

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