Berisha takes the picture, who is the drug store owner in Rrëshen

There were other reports about the owner of the drug store in Rrëshen, where a cannabis tuna was seized during a police operation.

In a post on his Facebook profile, the former prime minister, referring to the denunciation of the digital mirditor, writes that the owner is the son of Zef Broz's sister, former chairman of the Cassation Court.

Sakaq, the former prime minister has also posted a picture saying "Zefi and Kastrioti are sidelong, between Kastrioti's droves, Ndrec Dedes hardened supporters!"

Berisha's post

The digital mirditor informs:

Kastiot Reci tells the victims of the crime is not the owner of the drug store in Rreshen. \ R \ n Her owner is another Kastriot Reci and just the son of the sister of the famous Zef Brozi, then nephew of Zef and Mayor of Benjamin , who is also the chief of 7 drug tons found in the factory raised on the nose of the nephew of Zef Broziti! sb

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