"Police, get up", as criminal gangs of document forgery and drug trafficking

Striking a structured criminal group on the production and sale of narcotics as well as forgery of documents.

Joint Operation by the Organized Crime Sector, Sector against Financial Economic Crime and the Prosecutor's Office of Korça.

Five citizens are arrested.

Some 25 kg of suspected Cannabis Sattiva suspect, gambling machines are seized, as well as a document forgery lab.

The Local Police Directorate of Korça, the Anti-Narcotics and Trafficking Sector, the Financial Crime Sector in cooperation with the Korça Judicial District Prosecutor, have successfully completed the Euro Kart Operation within the criminal proceeding No. 570 2017 of the Prosecutor's Office of the Korça Judicial District, for Criminal Offenses "Falsifying Identity Cards, Passports or Visas" Articles 189/2 and 25 of the Criminal Code, "Falsifying Documents" Articles 186/2 and 25 of the Criminal Code, "Falsifying Documentary Documents" Article 187 of the Criminal Code , "Falsifying Seals, Stamps or Forms", articles 190/2 and 25 of the Criminal Code and "Production and Sale of Narcotics", article 283/2 of the Criminal Code. These investigations began in May 2017 for persons involved in this criminal activity. For the legal documentation of the criminal offense for this criminal proceeding, special methods of investigation were used, where at the end of this Operation plan were arrested in flagrant citizens:

1. Artur FEÇANJI, 51, resident in Korça, 2. Thanas SHOLLA, 54, resident in Korça, 3. Asker BEBRI, 49 years old, resident in Korça, 4 rd. Vladimir FURTUNA, 58, resident in Korça, 5. Shkelzen MUÇOLLARI, 30, resident in Korça.

Also seized in the quality of material evidence:

- About 25 kilograms of suspected narcotic cannabis sativa \ r \ n - 700 euro to cut 50 euro pieces,

-8 phones of different brands.

- 15 sim cards of different companies,

- A gaming device for fate,

-Units with monitor and printer used for sports betting,

-Units along with the monitor used for counterfeiting with the relevant advanced program,

- A usb that has the materials and programs to commit falsification,

-Two piece of high-tech printers used for the production and falsification of biometric passports, Albanian and foreign, as well as Albanian and foreign identity cards,

- Five Albanian passports and two Greek passports,

- Fifteen Albanian identity cards, two Spanish identity cards and ten Greek identity cards (tafto)

- Different school documents (diplomas, maturity certificates)

- International Greek and Albanian Patents.

- Special solutions used for counterfeiting,

-Heating equipment for plasticizing documents.

The materials were passed to the Korça Judicial District Prosecutor's Office for further investigation.

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