The bullet of the grandfather's head, the police detail the crime. Three others arrested because ...

New details after the serious event that took place yesterday in Vlora, where the nephew killed his grandfather with a gun and initially stated that it was robbery.

Police have uncovered the story that was quite different from what the young man said at first, because in the end he admitted that he had killed him after a quarrel.

He was the nephew of Vangjel Kapllani, and three other people. "They are suspected of selling the crime gun to the copyright," police say.

The LM citizen, 17, F.Xh, 16, and MA, 28, who were arrested by the police for the criminal offense "Unauthorized Holding and Production of Weapons, Explosive Weapons and Ammunition" was wound up.

Notification of the police

- The alleged author (nephew of the victim) is arrested, three other people are also banned.

Regarding the recent event where the 69-year-old elder was sent to the Vlora hospital in a serious condition, claiming he was bleeding from his grandson, we suggest that:

Vlora police after intensive investigations, has whitened the entire mechanism of the event. It turns out that the alleged crime author is a grandson of the elderly, VK, 17, who will face criminal charges for the criminal offense of "Homicide Murder".

After the expertise carried out on the back of the victim's head was found a firearm shell, which consequently resulted in the death of the elderly.

Police services have also sequestered the pistol-type crime gun, which the author had thrown into a nearby bay near the apartment in order to hide the trail.

Following investigative actions, police have arrested 3 persons allegedly selling the crime gun to the copyright, LM citizen, 17, F.Xh, 16, and MA, 28, who were arrested by the police for the criminal offense "Unauthorized Holding and Production of Weapons, Explosive Weapons and Ammunition".

Turning to event / Older death, nephew said he was robbed, but the police acknowledge that ...

The elderly who was found wounded in the apartment by his grandson, who turns out to be the author of the serious event, is resettled in the hospital.

The aged about 69 with the initials VK, has changed lives since he did not survive the injuries he had taken. Sources for "Panorama" suggest that he was shot with a gun and had a bullet in his head.

Even the author of the story is his grandson, the person who said he found himself bleeding and raised the alibi of the robbery.

"Panorama" learns that he is in the police after being questioned has admitted that he has killed, while other details about the cause is expected to become known later.

In the first revelation after the incident, the nephew has shown that he had found that the elderly lacked about 1 million Lek old, meanwhile, who confessed that the elderly home had found it open and then had seen him bleed. He announced the ambulance, enabling the elderly to be sent to the hospital.

Police announcement after the event


Preliminary information

On 27.02.2019, at about 20:40 hours, the elderly 69-year-old VK was sent for medical help at the Vlora Regional Hospital, which was ascertained by his grandson with head injuries still unclear what they were causing.

The investigative team is located at the scene where the work continues to clarify and clarify the circumstances of the event.

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