Opposition plan / Basha clear message to MEPs: Do not ask me what you do not ...

From Shkodra, the head of the Democratic Party said that he never commented on the statements of foreign friends, but added that they did not ask for what they would not do for their people.

In a statement to the media, he said the continuation will be the same as the citizens will decide, adding that they will support civil disobedience and citizens' revolt against this government.

"I never comment on the statements of foreign friends. In this journey to the EU is our turn to make a sacrifice, we do because we stand and fight for the values of Europe. It is imperative to unblock Europe's path from obstacles in these years. Roads hinder crime and corruption. Everyone in Albania knows this and everyone in the world is listening to this.

Our job is to patiently reveal these facts. So do not go to the EU, but with free and fair elections, "said Basha.

"Further steps are with citizens and citizens. We obeyed the sovereign's command. We will combine protests and civil disobedience, and all the other acts of revolt and civil anger against the gang that has captured the state, "said the head of state.

"Do not ask for anything you would not accept for your people," Basha said to the MEPs.

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