Petrit Vasili against Fleckenstein: They see it as a place to grab money and diet, but we'll be handcuffed for ...

Former SMI deputy Petrit Vasili reacted after the statement of the EP delegation in Tirana on the political situation, while specifically addressed Knut Fleckenstein.

In a statement to the media, he has said that EU officials have a turbulent look and do not see clearly buying up ballots or other affairs made by the government.

Vasili said that although these affairs have been made public by foreign media, European deputies have not seen it clearly, adding that the opposition will be wearing a handkerchief to clear this turbulent look.

"Albania can not have a standard as a third and fourth country, despised, serving as a place to grab money, grab royalties, service diets, as these political tourists come and go.

For this, the opposition is on the road and will not move out of the way, and there will be a handkerchief to clear the blurred eyes of all the eo-roommates who we see have ambiguity to look at because of some dirty money "He said.

"The opposition is unwilling to compromise on all these truths. The opposition will never accept that if in the elections in Europe it is not allowed to touch any vote by hand, say that this standard is good in Albania, condemn corruption even for an unpaid sandwich, while the votes of Albanian deputies are bought from organized crime, and MEPs say there is nothing good about Albania.

No standard that is unacceptable to Europe will be unacceptable to us as well.

Albania, like all Europe, standards and elections as they do in Germany, will be here as well, "Vasili declared.

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