"The rape of two mothers," the mayor reacts: The girl changed her testimony, initially said ...

Following the denunciation made today by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, where according to a message on his phone, two girls from Selenica's 9-year school were raped by an adult, and this institution was aware reacted also the mayor.

According to the message posted by Berisha, it was alleged that the two minors, in the home of one of them who lived with their grandparents, were raped by a "tattooed" boy, while knowing was the school, and then the girl who went to her husband's house, had reported to the police, saying he was raped.

Mayor of Selenica, Perparim Shametaj, has stated today that they have been informed of the case, while claiming that the girl has made a denunciation at the police and after a day has withdrawn.

"Panorama" teaches that after the medical examination that was made to the child, no rape or rape was found, and the following day she withdrew the testimony, stating that she had done so for the sake of her husband.

Meanwhile, an official reaction of Vlora Police is expected for this event, where it is reported that denunciation has been made.

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