Tahiri patents / 'Explosion' journalist: You have a signed umbrella, but when you go to jail ...

Flamur Vezaj

# good guys in Sajos # \ r \ n But today What would the Tahiri image dispenser in the media say that the patents are to another Samiri now not a truck driver, but a fisherman ?! \ r \ n Those patents , what were inside cantes with 836 thousand euros ?! Yes, this "driver" chubby how much phone conversation has Messages with Sano of his relative?!! \ R \ n What a curse I am to know, KM knew about this much separated separately ??? That evil mouths say it is bad when it does not take its percentage or put it in the bargain? \ r \ n Yes, the international car license you found in his apartment, Made in Street Kavajes, who issued it to the former minister or does not remember him as Roshi of Kavaja who forgot about everything! \ n Wait for the wait that you have nothing else, all washed in this world is said in a Qur'anic verse! Success at the other public outcry, but again crying to make the effect of your colleague MP, especially the last if you're ready to sign your former colleague's mattress, now a big prison director will go to the Prison Hospital, that as soon as you get there you will be as hearty as any VIP when entering the cell? \ r \ nBe careful with the patent of the engine that it has got stuck badly mo?

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