After 12 sessions in court, the witness accused Gjika

Bashkim Cakaj, yesterday after testimony in court The Tirana Court administered yesterday a testimony that burdened the position of the Mayor of Vlora, Shpëtim Gjika, in the trial where he is accused of the charge of "forgery of documents".

For the first time since the beginning of this trial, after 12 hearings, a witness confirmed allegations of allegations of falsification of a record of the Council of Regulation of Territory of Vlora. Witness Bashkim Cakaj, a former member of the CRT, said that when he was recognized in the prosecution with the record of the meeting of 15 July 2010, he noticed something suspicious at the end of it. "There was no need to mark eight lines in the space of two rows," the witness said, adding that the record in question was not the usual format. In his testimony Cakaj said that all the time he had been a member, the CRT Vlora had not approved construction permits for a 13-storey building. Currently the witness was a resident of Varese in Milan, Italy. He had traveled to Albania to testify in the process.

COMPLETED DESIRE Have you been a member of CRT, Vlora? If so, to what extent? I was a CRT member, as a representative of the Prefecture.

Can you tell us the procedure for approval of permits? At each meeting we received a letter announcing the date, agenda and the material we would pass. We were acquainted with the material mainly 2-3 days before. Once we got acquainted, in the next meeting we gave our opinion.

Have you participated in the meeting of 15.07.2010? Yes, I participated.

Was the building permit on the land owned by ... for "Deko System" discussed at this meeting? It's been years and I can not remember it. If it was on the list coming from the Municipality, we passed it if the request met the required conditions.

Do you remember to have ever been granted construction permits for a 13 storey building? At a meeting a proposal for an object in the neighborhood "Isa Boletini" has been made. I was against it. No 13 building permits have been granted for all my work as a member of the CRT.

Was a construction permit on the plot owned by Gëzim Feta, Tartari, Ferhati discussed? \ r \ nI do not remember. I'm not aware of the fact.

For lawyers: When did you work on CRT? From May 2010 to the end of 2011.

While you have been a member of the CRT, do you remember to have been filed for requests that had not previously been submitted to the Technical Council? \ r \ n I do not remember submissions to be proposed at the meeting.

Do you remember to have ever been discussed about a building site in the area known as "Three Races"? In my memory, I do not remember having ever been argued for building permits in the area.

Did there be a general urban study for Vlora? Prior to 2012, there were partial urban studies in Vlora. There has been no full study.

Have you signed the minutes where a construction permit was approved? I signed the minutes, but I did not agree. I was acquainted with the record at the prosecution when interrogated. I did not agree with the last part, where there were some things that left me to suspect.

Why did you suspect when you saw that record? I at all meetings I signed at the end, but the record did not have that usual stream, the usual format. There was no need to mark eight rows in the space of two rows.

DP Counsel in Vlora "Protects" Gjika in CourtTIRANA - Another member of the CRT in Vlora during 2010 said construction permits for which allegedly falsified documents were discussed at the meeting. Witness Arlind Deromema said he had participated in CRT meetings as a member of the Democratic Party-elected Municipal Council. Asked by the prosecutor's representative at the hearing if it was discussed at the CRT for permission to build a building site with owner Gëzim Feta, the witness said yes. "It was discussed about building permits on a plot with owner Gezim Feta and for the construction company 'En-Bjo' The discussion was made, but I do not remember whether it was approved or not," said the witness. According to him, part of the debates at the CRT meeting in Vlora was also the site of building with the landowner Aleks Ahmetaj, Artan Feratin, Mustafa Tartarin, with the subject of "Deko System" "I do not remember details but I remember that at the meeting is discussed whether it is a green zone or not, "Deromema said. In his testimony, Deromema also acknowledged the procedure for the approval of construction permits at the CRT of Vlora, citing that in all cases the materials passed earlier in the technical council. The witness said that there have been cases when the CRT passed material that had not previously been passed to the technical council. "The technical council had only advisory function," said the witness.


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