A delayed state


Often even more often in recent months he is "shot" to be caught, arrested or even accidentally killed as suicide bombers, individuals who, although traveling with luxury cars, are luxurious and charge luxury phones on "Facebook" and "Instagram" are unemployed. Unregistered in any Albanian state register except that of citizens. In 2008, the Ministry of Finance drafted the law that is still in force tax procedures.

The law, which despite the clientelist recruitment that has been made in years after its adoption, still resists the provisions of the law that provide the solution even when it has never been used. At that time, the technical staff of the Ministry of Finance drafted and strongly insisted that the provisions governing the annual income statement should also be included as part of the provisions of that law. Despite the insistence of the Ministry of Finance's technicians to introduce the declaration without exception all Albanian citizens resident in the Republic of Albania, the political decision deformed heavily and as it now results with the consequence, the classic mechanism of the obligation to declare the income annually.

Today, because of that political decision limiting the obligation to declare at the limits of over 2,000,000 ALL of income annually, those provisions are without any concrete effect. Further, the assessment was also given to the individual and the provisions were completely emptied out of the purpose of their drafting. And we come today .... Eight years later, if the law were left free to function with standard logic, we could have a robust documentary base to compile a database for all citizens.

Eight years later, we would not expect the killer-suicide accident on the Tirana-Durres highway, to investigate the postmortum for the man who caused the tragedy. Eight years later we could have made sense of the cooperation agreements between the institutions and the exchange of basic data and the police today could be carrying out proactive investigations without waiting for the national roads to stop any car that seems suspicious (even those on the basis of individual judgment elaborated on the basis of the education and knowledge that sets the task for which they are paid).

Eight years later, the trafficker contingent who lives unemployed with gold chains at his neck will at least not make it so open and so bad for the man he chooses to work, pay taxes and live faithfully in the state. Eight years later, we would certainly have collected more income from singers who are not kept afloat to declare the profit to a wedding, as much as the minimum required to declare that the truncated provisions are foreseen as the annual limit.

Eight years later we would have formalized the sport market and we had to do so at least because we could balance the declared amounts as income and the apartments registered in the personal name. Eight years later and with a simple additional incentive mechanism, we could have together with the statement of each student also data on the monthly paid rent for all those apartments from which the state collects zero tax.

Eight years later, we would not have to introduce for the first time property control, all family members of all judges and prosecutors, some of whom, following constitutional changes, have simply fallen in bad luck to have a relative judge or prosecutor . Eight years are not much, but eight years of missing documentation proves to be one thing! For how false it can be a legal provision or even a corpus of provisions.

And today, maybe those three unlucky girls would still be alive and I would be here by writing something else and not on the most original topic of personal income statement. What many regular resident Albanians in other countries fill each year. They did not waste time. We have lost at least eight years.

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