One killed, two injured on property in Bathore

Victim Rescue Bakoçi, hassle for pastures with Nazmi Islamaj.

A one-year dispute between two families on pastures was due yesterday for killing one person and wounding two others on the outskirts of Tirana, Bathore. Resident Salvador Bakoçi, 37, was killed by gunfire yesterday, after being shot with three bullets. Two other persons, his mother and son, Selva and Nazmi Islamaj, 69 and 42 years old, have been injured. They have suffered plagiarism with couples, during a fire exchange between citizen Nazmi Islamaj and the victim. The event took place around 15:00 in the area between Bathore and Zall-Herr in Kamza, Tirana. Because of the conflict, according to the Police, the livestock of the victim, Shpëtim Bakako, who had been introduced to graze on the property of the Islamaj family. Police said that after a distance dispute for some sheep that had entered the victim's neighbor's pasture, both sides took up arms to confront, resulting in one killed and two injured. At the scene, police forces of Commissariat No.5 and Officers of the Section Against Crime against Life and Health went immediately. The two wounded were urgently transported to the Military Hospital, where they learned that they have passed the risk for life. The investigative group has initiated verifications to detect the event, seized weapons and questioned the victims' and wounded family members who have explained the circumstances as to how the crime occurred. \ R \ n THE EVENT The Bakako family owns about 300 head of livestock. Meanwhile, the Islami family, which is living in the area, near Zall-Herr in Tirana, has been around for a year of past conflicts with the Bakak family. Nazmi Islamaj had asked Rescue Bakach to carry cattle on his property so that they would not go to his pastures. For this reason, there have been constant conflicts between the parties, which in some cases also meant the intervention of the law enforcement forces to resolve them. Yesterday, they did not report the police any more to solve the problem, but they took up arms against each other. After seeing some of Bakach's sheep that had entered his property, Nazmi Islamaj asked the remote victim to remove them from there, and thereafter began a dispute between them. Nazmi Islamaj has got an automatic at home and has come out in a hurry. His mother, Selve Islamaj, tried to stop him by wanting to take the gun and came out immediately after begging him to leave that problem with him. The son did not accept it and was run by the neighbor, who also had a couple at home. Within a few minutes both have shot each other and as a result, Rescue Bakak remained killed while mother and son were injured.


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