From Zagreb Lokomotiva to Tirana, Vrapi: I will remember during this goal

"I am very happy for this goal and I want to dedicate myself to my family, team and coach who trusted me. This goal I will remember long and hope to be a good omen for the future as a white-collar ", so started his statement Jurgen Vrapi, the author of the third goal of Tirana. Only this season he debuted with the first team, challenging even the best injury he suffered from when he was invited by Ze Maria. The player confesses that it was not easy, but he did a lot of work.

"The journey from ages to the first team of Tirana, for me, has not been simple. After I suffered an injury as soon as I joined the team. However, I never gave up. I have trained a lot and I debuted against Turbine, the match we won 2-0, "said the 19-year-old. The newest finding of the capitals also has an interesting story. For six months he was part of the Lokomotiv youth of Zagreb, and even was declared the champion.

But the appendix forced him to return to Albania to operate. And this is nothing, as bad luck followed and suffered another injury, ending Croatian adventure. "I was 6 months old, where we won the title. But the operation and an injury took place at the dawn of Tirana.

However, I think that I will play again, work gets everything done. There is a good competition and good players, but I'm not afraid, "the midfielder said. In the end, he does not hesitate to announce the arrival of Tirana and the victory over Kukes, saying: "We will regain the team and Wednesday we play only for victory".

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