Nevina pictures with Eros Grezda, but she tells Manushit that they are ...

During the holidays for the end of the year, the Albanian players had used them to return to the ardhe, to stay some days with their family members.

From Scotland, Eros Grezda had arrived, who during the stay in Tirana also had time for a photo with the well-known moderator of the "Sporting Process", Nevina Pillar.

The bullying for this photo was not lacking either by Edi Manushi, in the latest edition of the "Sports Process", but Nevina said of this shot: "This week we had some of the national teams. Had come for a vacation. He told me to thank you. Along with Grezda we found the way (laughs). We met by chance, talked, told me to pay homage to Manush. "


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