Do not end the calligraphy! Handwriting develops brain

Today's children live in a globalized and technological society. From a very young age they enter the Internet, computers, mobile phones and tablets. This first contact with technology makes a big difference in how you live, what are the priorities and how you plan your future.

However, even basic human learning has been questioned, thanks to technology. A recent trend proposes the end of calligraphy teaching, as it is no longer an essential skill for human beings. Researchers do not favor this trend, as many evidence show the benefits of calligraphy for brain development and also for the ability to produce text.

This myth that calligraphy is just a motor skill is simply a mistake. We use motor parts of our brain, engine planning, engine control, but much more important is the region of organs in which the appearance and the tongue, the finger spin, are joined, where visual stimuli become written words and writing. / Psychology Magazine /

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