With silencer: Casinos owner is running in Italy

The country where murder occurred at Irfan Tomini Street in TiranaEliton Lafetaj, 37, also known as Elio Bendo, was killed last night by two people in Tirana. Wounded wounded.

Laughing in front of the house, his girlfriend is injured.

A 37-year-old businessman with a silencer in the ambush is waiting in front of his home and injures his girlfriend in the car. The assassination occurred last night around 22:15 near the school "26 Nëntori" at "Irfan Tomini" street in Tirana, at the time the victim was coming down from his vehicle with Belgian license plates in front of the villa where he lived. The victim is Elio Bendo, also known as Eliton Lafetaj, from Puka and resident in Tirana. While wounded is the 20-year-old from Elbasan, Amarilda Halili, who is suspected of being his beloved. Sources from the capital police say the victim is the owner of some casinos in Italy, while in Tirana has until recently been an administrator of several sports betting points. The authors of the incident were two people moving by motorcycle and in the head had riders. They have fired four times in the direction of the machine with a silencer pistol. Bendo was shot with a bullet in his head, which caused immediate death, and the perpetrators hit him once again on his shoulder. While his 20-year-old boyfriend was hit by a single bullet that did not endanger life. ATTITUDE Bingo Bingo, also known as Eliton Lafetaj, had just returned from Italy for several days, where he has been living for many years and has been practicing as a casino owner. Yesterday evening, having had dinner with his girlfriend, Amarilda Halili, he was returning home, a cottage on the "Irfan Tomini" street, with the "Benz" car with Belgian license plates. As soon as he parked the vehicle, a few meters passed the "26 November" school, two motorcycle riders neared the driver's door and shot at him without leaving time to land. According to preliminary statements given by his girlfriend from the Military Hospital, she did not understand anything until she saw Lafetaj's headache and bleeding. She has stated that she has not seen any person after the suspects have been driven off by motorcycle speed. As far as the fact that no shots are heard, according to the sources, the authors used a silencer gun. PISTATES Immediately after identifying the victim of the recent assassination, the Tirana Police Investigation Group has set up the first runways of the investigation. The first relates to his activities in Italy, where he has recently stayed, as he has owned several casinos. According to the police, he has had problems with Italian justice, which have not yet been closed, but the issues under his custody are still being investigated by Italian justice authorities. On the other hand, Elio Bendo (Eliton Lafetaj) was also a person of Albanian Justice and under scrutiny by Tirana Police. In 2012 he was convicted of wounding a local owner, an event that took place on December 18, 2011. After lashing into the cafeteria with a person who owed him, Lafetaj shot a gun and as a result injured the owner of the premises, Iliaz Katiraj. For this event, the 37-year-old was declared wanted and was arrested a few days later. While police are also testing other tracks, various personal problems that he may have had after divorce.

DENIM On 11 July 2012, the Tirana Court sentenced 6 months in prison to the victim of yesterday's event, Elio Bendo (Eliton Lafetaj). He pleaded guilty to the accusation of "intentionally wounding" and "unauthorized possession of weapons of war". According to the Court, Lafetaj was the author of I. Katiraj's wounding, on December 18, 2011, in front of a "New Ring" shop in Tirana. The injury occurred when Lafetaj and his three friends clashed physically with the injured and some of his friends. Conflict between parties came about due to a lump sum of 100,000 leks that Lafetaj was owed to the wounded friends.


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