Cheating elderly women, irons 52-year-old

TIRANA - A 52-year-old declared wanted by the Korça Police was locked in Tirana, accused of fraudulent theft. The arrested is Spiridon Lito, to whom the Korça Court has imposed the security measure "imprisonment" on March 25 last year. Police sources said Lito was accused of at least four fraud cases, already documented by the police, while suspected that there may be other cases when elderly women have fallen victim to him. According to the police, Spiridon Lito went to the homes of widows and was removed as famed of their family and asked for sums of money. Because she was interested in the neighborhood where old women who had died, mainly the ones that had children in immigration and lived alone, he collected data about them in the city and went home. He was dressed in costume and collar, and after knocking on the door he looked like he was a close relative of their dead husband and the women invited him inside. Then, in the conversation, asking for the children to look more trusted, he was demanding older people's debt, using different excuses. Sometimes they had to pay a visit to the hospital and did not have money, as if the car had crashed and had to be brought to service and similar stories. According to the police, in one of the cases, Lito had managed to take the amount of 200,000 new leks by deception, while in the other three cases it was about 20-40 thousand lekë old.

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