Radanec's massacre, 25 years in prison author

Yesterday's hearing at the Court of Korça

KORÇA - Korça Court sentenced 25 years in prison to the murder of two young men in Radanec neighborhood, and eight months imprisonment for four other defendants supporting the author of double murder. Erjon Mukadezi, a 37-year-old from the village of Porodina, was sentenced to 25 years in prison, escaping the life imprisonment he had sought in her Prosecution's conclusions. Mukadezi, previously convicted of murdering a police officer in Greece, received a reduction in punishment as the court accepted his request for a shortened trial. The author of the murder of two Korça youths, Mikel Tepexhiku and Kastriot Hysi, four months ago in the peripheral district of Korça, during the last court session has taken over all the responsibility of the crime by wanting to facilitate the other four defendants who cooperated long and after the commission of the crime. The prosecution demanded a one-and-a-half year imprisonment sentence for the defendants Irfan and Ervis Mukollari, Fatjon Dinkollari and Bashkim Latollari, but the court sentenced them to 8 months in prison to support the murderer by helping him with transportation to the premises where the crime was committed. The author of the two murders has also apologized to the relatives of the victims. He has sent them a letter where he has tried to justify and at the same time accept their forgiveness for the tragedies he caused. ga

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