LATEST NEWS / KPA makes decision for PPL member, prosecutor Sevdari

The member of the High Council of Prosecution, Antoneta Sevdari is dismissed from office. The decision was made after her confrontation with the Second Veterinarian High School, the Special Appellate Panel, while the Public Commissioner requested the reopening of the investigation for her.

We recall that Sevdari went smoothly to the Independent Qualification Commission, but otherwise assessed the Commissioner, according to which the first instance decision was taken without first initiating an in-depth investigation into at least two criteria.

During the last session, the head of the KPA panel announced that a new denunciation for a prosecutor was made on February 5 by a citizen named Alexander Marku.


Firstly, the Public Commissioner stated that referring to the investigation into a residential home it is concluded that for the lawful source of income declared by the spouse's immigration during 1997-2004, the Commission administered only three documents issued by the Greek Institute of Social Insurance , which prove the purchase of social security stamps for July, August and September 1998. These documents do not prove whether they relate to the employment of a spouse.

Also, they are only for a three-month period of employment and not for the three-year period declared by the entity. So by not investigating and disposing of legal documents for the rest of the income. Meanwhile, from the financial analysis and verification of the lawful income of the prosecutor and the spouse, the Public Commissioner finds that for the period 2000-2003, in which Sevdari stated that it has circulated 3,000,000 lek, for the creation of 1/3 of the apartment and 3,000 to 4,000 euros for furniture, legitimate income does not cover these declared expenses.

"Legitimate earnings in this period, certified by legal probative documentation, amount to 1,869,447 ALL," said the Commissioner. Regarding the property criterion, the Public Commissioner finds that, although 10 submissions have been filed for the subject, the Commission's investigation for some of them was completely missing. In some cases, the claims of the denouncers are a circumstance suggesting that the prosecutor appears to have deficiencies in the professional qualifications criterion, which would have to force the Commission to investigate and evaluate further.

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