Traffic charges against Saimir Tahiri, Xhafajt's strong statement

From the anti-trafficking conference, Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj also spoke about traffickers who have won immunity from corrupt judges and prosecutors over the years. This statement comes at a time when former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri is accused of being involved in drug trafficking at the Habilai band, who himself said he has ten khanos.

"Endless talk, broadcasts and endless writings are addressed to traffickers, whose names have become the topic of the day more than anything else, while we have to talk about the essence of the problem, about how we will have to deal with such phenomena which is a phenomenon without color and without party, fewer of our politicians to speak, that the issue of the fight against trafficking is simply seen as the traffic of the power arms and given the opportunity to act the people of the law. Everyone talks about traffickers, but we forget to look for the people of the law who have been redirected and reprimanded for years to escape the prison for all kinds of traffickers who freely move to have the immunity of corrupt justice, "Xhafaj said.

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