Captain with heroine arrested a teenager in Durres

A young man has ended up in the handcuffs of the authorities in Durres after being caught with heroin. He is Francis Selishta, 23, previously convicted of theft.

According to a police announcement, the 23-year-old was arrested after 9 physical heroine doses were found during physical checkup.

Also, police have announced in search of a 28-year-old AZ initials


Narcotics Section Specialists hit a strong drug production case.

Heroine doses are seized.

One citizen is arrested in flagrance and is declared in search of another.

Specialists of the Narcotics Investigation Section at the Durrës Police Directorate, following their uninterrupted work, have hit a strong drug production case.

Arrested in flagrant nationals:

It has also been announced in search of and is working to capture the citizen:

On 06.10.2017, on the basis of the information available to the Police Structure during the physical examination exercised the citizen Francisko Selishta I were found and sequestered in the quality of material evidence:

The materials were passed to the Durrës Judicial District Prosecutor's Office for further actions for the offense "Production and Sale of Narcotics" in cooperation provided for in Article 283/2 of the Criminal Code.

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