The new cabinet / How many votes were taken by the dismissed ministers and the new ones, Rama left without ...

This afternoon, in an extraordinary session, was voted for the decrees of President Ilir Meta, regarding changes in the cabinet of the government.

Prime Minister Rama's second proposal for posting the Foreign Minister remains unanswered by President Meta. The head of state has a deadline until Monday to declare or not Rama's proposal to be in the post of Foreign Minister.

We recall that Rama initially chose Gent Cakaj at the helm of Albanian diplomacy, but this appointment was not decreed by the President. Under these conditions, Ditmir Bushati is still in the post of Foreign Minister.

Below the full list of polls for dismissals and appointments of ministers:

Polls for Missing Misunders: Senida Mid- 76 votes for Arben Ahmetaj- 77 votes for Damian Gjiknuri- 76 votes for Lindita Nikolla- 77 votes in favor Mirela Kumbaro- 76 votes for Niko Peleshi- 77 votes for Sonila Qato- 77 votes in favor

Voting for Minister's Appointments: Erion Brace- 77 votes for Eduard Shalsi: 77 votes for Elisa Spiropali- 77 votes for Bledar Cucic 77 votes in favor Belinda Balluku- 77 votes for Anila Dena- 77 votes for Besa Shahini- 77 votes pro

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