Formula Blur / Polytechnic, how are points awarded for young students

There is a formula for calculating points for graduates who will compete this year to win one of the 23 engineering branches. The leading authorities of the Polytechnic University of Tirana suggest that they remain loyal to the same criteria from the previous year, on the basis of which will be the admission of new students for the academic year 2018-2019.

The average of the gymnasium together with those of three training groups: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry will be the two main indicators, on the basis of which will be recruited to the best of the Polytechnic. This university, along with that of Medicine, is among the few with a consistent formula in the years of application, according to the new law on higher education, making it easier to orient the youth to the profiles they want.

For a while, it is expected that the government will announce with a special decision the minimum average application mark that has been six for three years, and that is likely to be this academic year as well.


The importance of elective exams for those who will compete with the Polytechnic is zero. In the score calculation formula (described in the table below), those who have shone throughout the mature years by having a high average, and especially in three subjects related to university profiles, will be the favorites to earn a from Polytechnic University branches.

The two components mentioned above will not have the same value. The highest share of scores is three years of high school, more precisely 70%. While the rest is divided between three subjects: Mathematics, Physics of Chemistry, each having a differentiated role, (according to the coefficients defined in the corresponding formula). The assessment result from the formula described above, and in the table accompanying the script, will be weighted with the high school coefficient, which is different for each study program.

Summed up, the 23 study profiles at the Polytechnic University of Tirana in the new admission criteria give priority to high-school students in the three years of the gymnasium and in the three main subjects for forming a professional

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