Ismet Haxhia: How I and Izet were accused of killing Skënder Neza

Former 20-year jail term as a collaborator in Azem Hajdari's assassination, Ismet Haxhia recounts in his book Helga's Secrets, "Chronicle of Pain", the difficult situation in 1997-1999 in Tropoja and throughout Albania. Haxhia itself was released from prison in 2016 and returned to normal life. is today bringing the fifth part of the "Tropoja file", a story about the murder of Skender Neza, an event that Ismet says that the rumors were responsible for him and his brother, Izet Haxhina.


The beginning of 1999, with the influx of Kosovars from the second mass exodus, the largest and the end marking in those times of war, attracted the attention of all state structures. This created climate contributed greatly to the creation of a criminal situation in the northeastern part of Albania. Often it was heard about all sorts of robberies in the area, but usually the busier were the ones that were carried out by police officers of our commissariat, which for many of those incriminated parts would not be bad news. In one of these days, a policeman of our police station, in co-operation with another person, a police contingent, robbed an OSCE worker's car as he was traveling to Fierza town.

The employee immediately notifies his center in Tirana about the case. The latter, in just a few minutes, informed the Minister of Public Order. In Tirana, they were alarmed after the looting of foreign cars had become very disturbing. We were ordered by the ministry to block the robbed vehicle at all costs, as well as those responsible for this event being stopped by the police. We immediately informed the police and police departments of Puka and Hasit to set up roadblocks for this purpose, at least on the main roads.

We quickly summoned some police forces we trusted and set up checkpoints across the inner lines of the circle. We ordered the cops to arm themselves well, as the robbers were told we were armed. Along with a road traffic police officer, we settled in the center of Rragam, 10km from the city, as according to the information we received, the robberies were introduced in some rural streets, from Pla village, which they would take to Pac Municipality. After about two hours they informed me with the police that they had seen the car come from Pac-B.Curri. The car was supposed to go where I was located, if the robbers were not notified of my whereabouts.

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