FULL INTERVIEW / Xhelil Gjoni: Ramiz Alia asked me to remove the Missing Abroad

Xhelil John

Former secretary of SAP for Tirana, Xhelil Gjoni, shows in the last part of his interview what he talked to Ramiz Ali about the future of Enver Hoxha's wife and her children.

He shows that he objected to Ramiz Alia's idea that Nexhmije Hoxha would leave Albania, while pointing to Alia's justification for the demolition of Enver Hoxha's monument on 20 February 1991 and his games with Hekuran Isa, the former Interior Minister for non-interference with weapons to protect it.

As explained by the fact that it has been evidenced by foreign scholars that communism in Albania has been the most savage and fanatic, while the change of the communist system to pluralist and multiparty was made in the most gentle and peaceful way, while it should happen contrary, great oppression should have created a great reaction of the people?

The findings that communism in Albania has been the most violent in the whole East are drooping, blatant propaganda. The most aggressive of communism in Romania or Poland was not throughout the East. Even the prohibition of religion, which is called the great spiritual contraction, does not stand, because the Albanians in the majority of atheists and pagans have been. The only mistake made with religion was the damage to frescoes and icons of churches. And when it was found that this was taking the size of a history, the Museum of Medieval Art in Korca was stopped and it was raised. By summing up all this, we go to the thesis that Professor Servet Pellumbi has thrown in that Gorbachev's "Katovica" was implemented in Albania. Has there been such a material and has moved on this platform? I have not personally seen such a document.

Has Ramiz Alia told one of the meetings of the Central Committee Plenum having a material from Gorbachev? Absolutely not. At all meetings that I was, this is not said. Did he read Ramiz or not, that's his job. Are there any actions based on Katovic's platform in Albania in these 24 years, of course there are. And it is quite natural from the classroom position that people had. Although it was liberal, Ramiz did not want to give up power in unsafe hands, of what he called ballists, traitors, or reactionaries. And that's logical. There is no puritan in this country that would do otherwise. I am astonished at this foolishness of people who do not really judge things materially and materially. Have you ever seen that we are in democracy and elite circles, have you seen any party leader who leaves his position uncontrollably ?! No one, not to say that he has not released any since 1990. We want or do not want, we come back to that hell of Marxism. Marx has said that "class struggle has revealed others, not us. We have turned the class struggle into the dictatorship of the proletariat. " The dictatorship of the proletariat was understood by Marx and not by any professor.

Was it fearful of a revelation if power went to the hands of former owners or those with "bad biographies"? There is nothing but fear, but it is human nature, which is as biological, so socially. It is not just fear, but also nostalgia, love, security to leave the relay to someone who does not intend to put the knife, but to continue a path, if possible better than what you have done yourself.

On 21 February, the citizens of Tirana overthrew the statue of Enver Hoxha. In your knowledge, it was tolerated and in this case to overthrow it. How were party developments at that time? Within me, I have two people representing two phenomena related to this event, Ramiz Alia and Hekuran Isa. It was a very heated situation and with Ramiz we had a meeting with the members of the Central Committee of Tirana because Ramiz complained that they were in shadow and did not feel etc. like these. I gathered them and called Ramiz to speak to them. At this meeting Hekurani was not Nexhmija and other members of the Central Committee of Tirana. The meeting was led by Ramiz, Adili and I. The secretary of Ramiz comes and brings a letter that Ramiz reads aloud:

The monument of Enver crashed! At this time Nexhmija stood up crying and said, "Now Enver died!" And left. In the Central Committee Plenum, collected after the fall of the monument of Enver Hoxha, the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Defense asked Ramiz to account why it was allowed and did not intervene to protect the monument of Enver. Ramiz responded that I told Hekuran to intervene with the gun, but he did not intervene. Hekurani, as a cunning skein, said that Ramiz told me to aim to protect the monument of Comrade Enver, but I could not shoot at our boys, I did not want Tirana to return to Vaterlo. In this way they both left unwashed. Both lied. \ R \ n What was the truth of this moment? The truth is that Ramiz asked to calm the old radical wing in the party, saying that we have it in their hands, they removed the monument of Enver, we can build it again, the people will support us. Ramiz said in the plenum meeting.

What were your relations with Nexhmije Hoxha? After the change of system, Ramizi comes to my office and tells me that Nexhmije wants to take away children abroad and leave with them. Ramiz wanted me to think about how to do it. I said cut: in no way. Yes, it is a fault, to give an account here, because he is going, it will stain Enver. Ramiz did not welcome my attitude and went mad. He certainly told Nexhmije, because after that period he held very negligent attitudes towards me.

Today, 24 years after the establishment of pluralism and multiparty, how do you rate the December Movement? Reflecting today, the December Movement was a positive move that shook that society. My thought was even earlier than if that was not the December Movement, that bureaucracy that had captured the state could not move. It was a bureaucracy set for years, intentionally or unintentionally, with clans or no clans. Recalling this move, all the rest are a shortage if we would deny the positive sides of a society that fights for civilization, albeit poor. Has it achieved those goals and goals or the slogan "Albania like all Europe"? Absolutely not. In the way it was developed, by avoiding strong collisions and excesses, this was positive. And let's say what we want today, the merit is the Party of Labor, which, if you like, could have had a hat, as did other countries. The Revolution was in the hands of the Labor Party to be blind or otherwise. But here are a number of factors and, above all, the mix of society. Our society did not have strong strata. But the aggressiveness of the DP after its creation was impermissible, such as the events of the Port of Durres, the United School, etc., which was also required under the auspices of foreign agencies to become a major bleeding in Albania. But let's not forget here and the foreign reaction that operated over Albania. For example, American ambassador Rajerson really came from the CIA, but he worked closely with the UDB in Yugoslavia. I had a friend and supposedly. When we prepared the 10th party congress, June 1991, Rajerson asked me if I would invite him to the congress and I said I would definitely invite him. After holding the report at the congress, he came with the Italian ambassador and meets me on vacation, congratulate me. They tell me it was historic. Your ambassador who congratulates me as a historic convention, what do I do as a member of the National Council of the Democratic Party ?! It was not for an ambassador to take such positions! As far as decidents are concerned, they were our guys coming from all Albanian families, communists, workers, cadres, villagers, miners, teachers, and doing what was possible.


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