Austrian Prosecutor Investigations: Suspicion that Flori was not raped in hospital


Austrians: Florije Peci was not raped in us. Spokesperson Christian Humber: She was accompanied during her stay in Vienna.

Demand from Albania, Wels Prosecution launches investigations.

Doctor of Maternity Witnesses, Elton Koroveshi. \ R \ n \ "\" \ "\" \ "\" \ "\" \ "\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

DNA analysis of the baby over the next two days. Examination is done by the amniotic fluid of the mother.

The Austrian prosecution has launched investigations into the pregnancy of Florije Peçi, an Albanian student who was injured in Himara and was curbed in Vienna until he was out of the coma. The news was announced yesterday by the Austrian Prosecutor's Office spokesman in Wels. Speaking to BIRN (Balkan Investigative Journalism Network), Christian Humber has cast doubt on the event not to have happened in Austria. The Austrian prosecutor's office said the investigation there had begun on the basis of a request made by the Albanian ambassador in Vienna. "Christian Humber, a spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office in Wels, said he initiated an investigation in cooperation with the Police, based on the request of the Albanian Embassy," said the article published yesterday by BIRN. According to him, "The Prosecution has seized all the medical records of the victim in the clinic". The spokesman further said that "we are looking for information, hoping we will find some important footprint". The Austrian prosecutor's office has claimed that the investigation into this country is being conducted under Article 205 of the Austrian Criminal Code, which provides for sexual abuse of victims who are in physical or health disability. BIRN cites Austrian authorities are not sure if the abuse took place when Albanian student Florije Peci was in Austria. "The first information we received from the Embassy in Albania is that the attack on the injured may have occurred from the beginning of October to the end. For most of this time, the victim was not in Austria after he left on October 11, "the spokesman Humber added. BIRN, on the other hand, reported that suspicions of sexual abuse of her daughter during her stay in Austria have faded because the student was not alone.

(Full article together with the interview of the maternity doctor can be read today in the Panorama newspaper)

// February 17, 2013

Selman Peci does not want the baby to carry his daughter, Florija. Not that it is against birth, but fears the mental and physical health of her daughter.

"She is not able to take care of herself. She does not understand anything that happens to her, and what do you say, how can a child grow up? "Selman Peci asks, and she answers," She has the future ahead, just to be healed. It's not her time to have children, she's actually turned into a child who needs care. " Selmani's wife, Nazja, goes out crammed under herself when she listens to her husband to talk about Florenni. "I can not afford it. The accident was an accident, but my daughter's rape in that condition is a macabre crime, "says Florian's mother, closing the door and fleeing where. She did not return home for several hours, as long as we stayed in the village, in Katjat of Librazhd. Selmani and Nazja have five children, four girls and one boy. All unemployed and until May 2012, when Florian's accident occurred, they lived with the parents' cooperative pension and the emigration money of the son, Gazmend, from Greece. They have little earth, but it does not produce so much. Even when it is produced, the products remain unmarked. The two great daughters and son have married and with children, while Florija and the smaller, Erida, had decided to attend the university, but they both left in the middle. After the accident, Florija remained without her last degree examinations, while Erida could not get her because she went to Austria to stay close to her sister. As of January 15, 2013, she is still in Tirana's maternity hospital when her pregnancy was discovered. Even the brother, Gazmend is most of the time in Tirana. There, only the parents of Florian and the house bride, Albana, have left the home in Katja with a 1 year old child. Little boy dicks trazon and pours water on the tapes, but Grandpa Selman is not angry. She takes the boy's child's arms while another child does not want it; that of Florian. And in this kind of situation starts the interview for the newspaper "Panorama" ...

Do you want Florija to keep the child or to abort her?

For her own good, she should abort. Physicians do not even have to quit the operation. Flora is not able to take care of herself. She does not understand what happens to her and what do you say, how can a child grow up ?! Doctors have noticed that Florija is not well mentally or physically, what are you waiting for? How can a girl die? I have nothing against children, I love them very much and I know how much I want Flori one day to have her children and her family but she is currently unable.

In this kind of health condition was he since returning to Albania?

Since Flori returned, he had changed completely. It was wasted and weakened. He came to the wheelchair. Little by little he moved his feet, but he barely steered. As a kid. When you asked about something, he did not remember anything. Or repeat the same sentence 3-4 times. Even the accident did not remind him, he remembered a few things. Only the university was worried, wanted to return. He often mentioned it, but he soon forgot. Flory had no connection with Florenni before the accident.


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