Hajrie Rondo in serious condition. Daughter: 1 year sick, state has not given any help

The three protagonists of the comedy "14-year-old fiance" at a meeting many years after filming. Admir Sorra, Hajrie Rondo and Elvira DiamantiThe actress's daughter, Klea Rondo, shows the progress of her mother's illness, operations and facing financial difficulties. Rondo is currently in Himara, where he is struggling to withstand the disease psychologically and physically

As it is already happening, social networks announce everything. From Facebook, two days ago, he heard that actress Hajrie Rondo suffers from a serious illness. In fact, Hajries's struggle with illness, as we learned from his daughter, Klea Ikonomi, has started long ago. For more than a year, the famous comedian Tana "14-year-old fiance" has undergone therapy to escape the disease. "Mother has more than a year been ill. He was subjected to a very severe operation three months ago in Athens, followed by chemotherapy sessions, which were not easy to handle either physically or psychologically, "he said. daughter Klea tells her, while Hajria for ten days has already been resting at her home in Himara. The country's clean air, where it was usually used to spend every summer, is serving these times to feel better. "After 8 chemotherapy sessions has fallen heavily in weight, hair has fallen and has not managed to withstand psychologically the disease he had to face. However, these days, as if the situation has changed little. It's a little better than humor. He continues to get the cures for this severe stomach disease and over time we will see how the condition will be. If it is needed or not for other interventions ... Let's hope not, "Klea follows, while explaining to us why this situation is now known, when there is more than one year present in their family. \ r \ n "I saw her publicized her heavy condition on Facebook. It is an initiative of two of her friends from Fier, who are trying to help her as much as possible, trying to make a raise to raise money. Because, as is the case with artists, no mother contribution has been made by the state. " In recent months, Hajrie Rondo has stayed with her daughter, Klean, who has chosen acting as her mother. Not far from now, we have seen both at the theater scene, in the part of director Inis Gjoni, "Bath Room". After that theater, Hajria is no longer on stage, counting in her career more than 100 roles in film and theater. The genre of comedy, where Hajria has been active, has kept him in the memory of everyone, especially one of the best pieces of the Albanian comedy "14-year-old fiance", where he played the role of Tanas. Surely, today, away from the noises of the world as he has chosen to stay there in Himara, he does not even want to read the papers. But they do so many others who might be able to help, including state institutions. Two days ago, starting from the call on social networks, Fieri citizens gathered at the City Hall to give their contributions as much as possible.

Friendship status on Facebook \ r \ nMy honorable! We are used to sharing the joys, good deeds, achievements, and successes that we consider to be common as long as we are part of a society and part of the whole human race. But as good as we are, we are obliged to share the disasters, those that do not alert us, those that come to us when we are unprepared, when we continue to knit the dream and lay the paths of hope ... So it happened with the Great, the Icon of Albanian Scene and Cinema, actress Hajrie Rondo. She today suffers from a serious illness for which she does not have the necessary financial means to cure her. Higia, with over 120 roles, has given so much to Albanian art and culture, becoming an ambassador of our culture beyond the borders, so let's give it today something to .... HELP THE HAJRIEN, WHY IT NEEDS MORE THAN KURRE!

You can also contribute to Hajri's account number at BKT 526384171

Fier women, financial aid for the actress The serious illness that is being experienced by the great actress of the scene and cinematography, Hajrie Rondo, has prompted on Friday a campaign to raise her awareness of securing financial means for her recovery. As was known in the social networks, around 9 am many women and girls joined the initiative to make their contribution. MP Majlinda Bufi would say that this initiative will be followed by other initiatives to follow the legal path that can help Hajri. Bufi called on all citizens who know and appreciate this actress to help her recover. "Today is just the beginning of this initiative. All together we will enable this initiative to help the great Albanian actress, who today has more than ever needed us. After that we will seek other legal channels in Parliament so that Hajria can be cured and recovered to return to normal life, "said among other things, Bufi. Meanwhile, the president of the Harpa Foundation, Majlinda Rama, would say that everyone should become a voice to help Hajri, who is suffering today and needs financial support. Also, MP Adelina Rista would stir the guests in the hall as she would say: "Hajria lacks us. We miss the streets of our city, we lack in our cultural institutions. The wife of extraordinary roles today suffers and at least this time we have the opportunity to say "Thank you Hajrie!" With our help. Let's join everyone to heal our expensive Hajri! "Said Rista. This initiative was joined by many women and girls, who made the first cash donations, for the collection of which a commission was set up. This campaign has a two-week term, because the actress's disease is also accelerating.


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