"Gardalina", winner of the "Pulitzer 2014" award comes in Albanian

The best-selling novel in several countries of the American author Donna Tartt in the Albanian book market from the publishing house "OMSCA 1"

"A great glamorous novel ... perfect." So writes "Le Monde" for the Pulitzer Prize-winning book. As it is being featured in breathtaking speeds in many languages around the world, Donna Tartt's "Gardalina" comes from Albanian publishing house "OMSCA-1". The novel has become an international bestseller, staying more than 35 weeks at the top of the list of bestsellers of the New York Times, as well as the best-selling list for Sunday Times novels in England. He has had the same success in France, Germany, while in Italy it has been republished ten times since the first edition in March 2014. Although there are only a few days that has emerged in the Albanian market, he immediately attracted attention. "Gardalina" is Donna Tartt's third novel author, and the first book after 11 years of its latest release. In February 2013, New York Observer announced that the long-awaited third author of Donna Tartt's author was set to be published on October 22 of that year. And the expectations were not disappointed, he won the Pulitzer Prize for novels in 2014. History Theodor Deker is also the novelist of the novel, a teenage Manhattan, extremely smart and very affiliated with his mother, a cultured and lonely woman, idyllic to her father, a former actor of Brod and alcoholic. Theo's life is shaken during a visit to a museum dedicated to Flemish art. After his son and mother have looked at the "Gardalina" masterpiece by Dutch artist Carel Fabritius, a bomb blows up the entire museum pavilion. His mother fails to survive, but Theoja and "Gardalina", that precious little painting, which in a little penelata sums up all the light of the Flemish art, manage to escape. Thea, who has just filled the thirteenth, survives this terrorist assassination, which destroys his life in a moment. Located alone in the middle of New York, with no relatives or where to stay, he is taken care of by a wealthy family of a schoolmate. In the new home on Park Avenue, he feels embarrassed, isolated by his old friends and relieved of his mother's love. That's why she was caught alone by bringing her mother closer to her: "Gardaline", a small painting of unique beauty that will in the future enable her to penetrate the dangerous environments of international criminality ...

Title: GARDALINA, Volume I Author: Donna Tartt Translator: Oriana Tamburi Editor: Loredan Bubani Publishing House: OMSCA-1 Issue: 440 Price: 1000 Lek

Estimations "Lady Tartt has placed Fabrizio Gardena in the center of her glorious Dikenian novel, a novel that unites all her apparent talents of storytelling into a single symphonic and exciting novel, reminding readers enjoy the pleasant feeling of staying awake all night to read "The New York Times"

"Gardalina is a novel that comes very rarely, a cleverly written literature that connects the mind with the heart ... Donna Tartt has brought for the reader an extraordinary novel." Stephen King

"A great glamorous novel ... perfect." "Le Monde"

The author Tartonna was born on December 23, 1963. She is an American writer and author of three novels: "The secret history" (1992), "The little friend" (2002) and "The Goldfinch" (2013). Tartt has won the WH Smith Literary Award for The Little Friend in 2003 and the "Pulitzer Prize" award for The Goldfinch in 2014. Also announced by The Time "Among the 100 most influential people in the world for 2014.

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