Football wins in black, lives former president Agron Haxhiraj

Albanian football and Vlora have lost yesterday one of the passionate people of this game. The former founder and team president of the Vlora team, Agron Haxhiraj, has been separated from his 61st life yesterday. He was born in Vlora in 1956 and for 17 years he was the owner of the "Norga" beer.

A man in love with football. At the first moment he was given the opportunity and had good finances, he founded the team of Vlora. In 2004, with the coach Rapo Taho and Albert Haxhijaj, he set up a private team in Albania, unlike the classic teams with which he was all.

Since the first year of participating in the Third Category, Vlora provided the ticket to the 2nd category. And after four years it became part of the First Division in the 2009-2010 season.

Vlora survived for three years in this league without resisting any longer. Agron was very much in love with football, but remained a hostage that failed to climb the team he built in the Superiore. However, he never became anxious about everything he invested in football and the club in Vlora.

Agron was known as a highly regarded man in his city. Yesterday he was severely separated from life, leaving behind a beautiful story in Albanian football. Vlora was among the first private teams in Albania to emerge in the early 2000s out of the well-known history of traditional clubs.

With this investment, Haxhiraj gave the opportunity to many talented players who did not find space to Flamurtari or other teams to become part of Vlora and to give their contribution to the field.

Albanian football and the coastal city lost yesterday a very passionate man after this game, who did everything to set up a modern team to leave a trace. And to a certain extent it reached the goal with the team of Vlora.

Olsen Llambro

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