PHOTOS / Betting on Partizani-Kastrioti, but now what will the state bodies do?

In the capital of Albania, Tirana, at the stadium "Selman Stërmasi" is being played the 21st week of the Superior Category, with Partizan waiting for Kastrioti.

What's remarkable is that in the white shirt that Kastrioti plays in this match, a banner company, "", a Chinese betting company, has been stamped in the shirt, which is also stretched across Europe.

This ad is also held by the players in the training kit, or in the team outside the field.

If you enter the company's online page, access is denied because of the fact that no Albanian customers are accepted, after the action of the Albanian government, to close all betting points on Albanian territory as well as online.

But now, in the middle of the capital, it becomes a clean advertisement for these sports betting companies, what will the state bodies do?

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