Report of journalists for '97, Rudina Xhunga: I do not want to see dreams with Berisha anymore

How did the media cover the events of 1997? 6 top-ranked journalists in the country have given their opinions about what they covered during that period.

After 20 years Rudina Xhunga of the newspaper "Koha Jonë", Gent Shkullaku photojournalist of the newspaper "Koha Jone", Ilir Kadia BBC reporter, Apollon Baçe journalist of "Deutche Welle", Arben Rrozhani, newspaper journalist "Albania", and Fejzo Subashi journalist of the "Interview" newspaper, gave their guest opinions on Roland Qafoku's "Debate on Channel One" for what happened in 1997.

RUDINA XHUNGA, former journalist of "Koha Jone" newspaper. "The events of 1997 were political insanity, social stupor and collective foolishness. When I reported the events of 1997 I saw him as a witness. I did not judge much. I thought that after 1997 we would remember. But apparently we have not remembered. We are a nation that we refuse to grow. People who did not believe Sali Berisha believed in the newspaper "Koha Jone". If we were to talk about the pyramids, people would not believe us. I think that at this point we are complicit. We are a struggling people who have not pledged themselves and will be defended. People at that time were proud of their weapons. This eruption occurred in 1991. We are devastating. We want to destroy ourselves. We are a shameful place. Sali Berisha did nothing but ride the shame. My desire as a journalist is not to see dreams with Sali Berisha anymore. "

ILIR KADIA, the BBC's former reporter "We've been getting that year. Even the journalists have made mistakes. In special cases we have not been careful. I have covered dozens of events, protests, crimes and today I can not perceive you. In my mind, the pursuit has remained to me that the angry crowd of people has become a man in Lushnje and at one point he was hindered. The crowd fired it with no mercy. For a few minutes his body was covered with stones. He was massacred in front of me. I do not know his destiny, but with what I did not believe if he escaped. It was very well that the March 9 agreement was reached between the political forces and this gave the solution to the situation. Whoever says the opposite is seriously mistaken. Why would the agreement be with the Rescue Committees? "

APOLLON BAÇE, former radio journalist "Deutsche Welle" "If Turkish Prime Minister Tansu Chiller did not give the ultimatum, Greece would have taken the south of Albania to Shkumbini. Certainly foreign secret services have been handed in 1997. CIA Director George Tenet was four times in Southern Albania during that period.

ARBEN RROZHANI, former newspaper journalist "Albania" "We were co-perpetrators but not guilty. We as a people have very short memory. For example, the current tents and politics is the reminailing of the tent of 2010 ".

GENT SKULLAKU, former photojournalist of the newspaper "Koha Jone" "It was very hard to work at that time. I remember one day our masks came out. Even in Tirana. It was horrible. But more in my mind is the pledge of Tritan Shehu. Today is being released for the first time 7 photos from that moment. It is clear that people have taken hostage. One of them was firing it in my head while I photographed it. It was an incredible situation. "

FEJZO SUBASHI, former journalist of the newspaper "Intervista" "We have the rage with ourselves but we do not know where we are. I think that's why this foolish thing happened. In Përmet, there was a real civil war. Six innocent people were killed. The mayor of the District Council was killed. Was he killed in the office during the meeting? "

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