International Forum of Architects and Engineers in Tirana, Veliaj: Playgrounds in every neighborhood

For the first time, Tirana became the host of the International Forum of Architects and Engineers to discuss the latest projects and ideas in this area. Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, made a brief presentation of important infrastructure investments that have transformed the capital in these four years and future projects for Tirana.

He stressed that the Albanian capital is experiencing a period of change, while praising the role of architects in improving community life in the city. While listing many of the important projects that were carried out in the capital within a short period such as the new Boulevard, New Bazaar, Skanderbeg Square etc, Veliaj added that transformation is also a matter of mentality.

"New Tirana in the coming years will be on the other side, where is the New Boulevard. We made the square "Skënderbej", New Bazaar, two projects that are valued at important international awards. But the question is: What is the most difficult architectural challenge? For me, it's not the massive infrastructure, but 10 centimeters in our head. This is the most difficult space we have to change. Many of us think transformation only in the terms of physical space elements, while mentality needs to be changed, "he said.

Veliaj expressed his conviction that Tirana is a hopeful city, and has soundly considered discussions on transformational projects that have been implemented or started in the capital city. "It's healthy to have a debate on Bjarke Ingels' proposal for the theater. It's healthy to have a debate about the almost completed Casamont project for the stadium. It is healthy to have a debate on Stefano Boer's Orbital Forest, to see what is the best way to move forward, "he said, as he also brought debates that were initially built with the construction of the gaming corner in The Great Lake Park, which today is a success story that was followed by 43 other playgrounds in different neighborhoods of the capital.

"Share Architects" is an international forum that collects the most famous architects and engineers in the latest discussions, projects and ideas in the field. This forum will have 11 meetings this year throughout Europe.

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