"El Pistolero": We knew that Real would break with 1 goal, someone said ...

Luis Suarez never disappoints at El Clasico. Barcelona striker scored 11th goal at Real's door in 13 games played. Uruguayan was the leader of the Valverdes team and led the formation to the Cup final. After the match he said the team did not play well, but showed that after scoring the first goal they knew they would find more space to shake their opponent. "El Pistolero" fired twice and was the best of the game.

QUALIFICATION - "We managed to secure the first goal of the season, which was the final of the King's Cup. We certainly wanted this goal, despite many untruths at the beginning and that Barcelona would ignore the Cup to focus its forces on other competitions. We want to win everything. "

RESULT- "We knew well that if we scored a goal, they would jump in and we would have more space to score more goals. We managed to use them well enough. "

CRITICS- "We players are accustomed to the criticism, but also to the slogans that are being made to us. We should not care because football has good and bad moments. I want to thank all the club and friends for the help and support they have given me. I must always be in good shape to justify the name of the club where I play. "

SHORT: "We know the difficulty of a championship match. We have very few days to prepare the meeting, but we have to recover the forces and be ready for Saturday. It's always nice to score at the Bernabeu. More than happy for the goals, I am for qualifying for the final ".

PA TOP- "Every match has negative things, but also positive things. It is true that we did not play in the way we wanted, but so football is beautiful. There are moments you have to realize that some things need to be corrected. "

CHALLENGE- "We missed many duels and balls in the midfield. We did not control the game, but in the end we got better. We are just one step away from winning the Cup, but we have to wait and prepare for the final. Until then there are other important and important matches. "

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