Exclusive / Ylli Gurra speaks after Ascole's call for his arrest: I will sue you

After many controversy following the day of Kurban Bajram with Skanderbeg's picture in the middle of the square, while the prayers of the believers were made, Spartak Ngjela lawyer came out with a very strong call: to arrest the mufti Ylli Gurra.

With a post on his page at FB, Ngjela, as he describes it as "the typical Ottoman barbarian like Musa Qazimi's mufti of Esad Toptani," writes that "tomorrow, doing my duty to my nation, submit the written denunciation to the Prosecutor General ".

But in an exclusive phone interview for "Panorama," Muftiu Ylli Gurra says the statements that Ngjela refers to do not belong to him or to his biological brother, Mehdi Gurra.

"First I do not have any biological brotherhood with Mehdi Gurrrn who is from a village in Tirana, I'm Ylli Faik Gurra from Dragostunja of Librazhd and the lawyer, for reasons I do not know what his own in relation to politics, calls for separation and for Turkish and Orthodox Greek Muslims, but there is no kind of truth in this regard. We have been and are proud to be Albanian.

I do not have to give any explanation because he has spoken broccoli since the beginning of this time.

The articles he referred to have to read to me that he has nothing to do with it.

In the video the attorney claims is not me and he is not my biological brother. You know what the judgment is about and calls for arrest and comparisons that you can do.

Problems and political expectations do not bribe public figures. He had tired himself to ask someone who this lord was. I know who I am and where am I. I was so grotesque as that of Kastriot Myftaraj.

I have to say it, how it is raised and speaks, the more so the lord in question claims to be one of the flamans of democracy and free speech, an upside to the extreme. Of course I will sue him because he really was excessive. Knowing what violation of the law claims that the statement is not mine, "Gurra told" Panorama. "

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