Exclusive / Former Investigator: Kadare will be sentenced as Mehmet associate

Was Kadare pursued by the State Security, or was he collaborating with him? Has Glorified Enver Hoxha's Image? Why are there so many spy reports on Kadare? ...

These other similar issues, which revolve around the great writer's figure, are revived from time to time on the occasion of the release of a book or by the approach of autumn when the Nobel prizes are shared.

On the issue of whether Kadare was or was part of the State Security, there is a responsibility to show one of those figures that most likely filed with Ismail Kadare's hands over their hands. It is about Qemal Lamen, Chairman of the General Investigation of Albania in 1981-1992.

Exclusively for the "Panorama" newspaper, Lame admits that Kadare was followed by the State Security, even at Enver Hoxha's order had begun the preparation of Kadare's arrest file.

"In 1981 and 1982, with the initiative and direct interest of Enver Hoxha and Ramiz Alia, the State Security and the Investigations ordered the preparation of procedural documents for the arrest of Ismail Kadare, with serious accusations of hostile activity as an accomplice in the plot pledged by Mehmet Shehu, "Lame says. After leaving France, Ramiz Alia has called for his prosecution as a "traitor".



Public opinion is often and unjustly confronted with criticism, libel and harsh accusations, which are occasionally made by various individuals for prominent personalities of national importance. In the center of this denigrating campaign, not worthy of unilateral, ambitious critics, with a close human and professional outlook, is also the great writer with world wide knowledge of his works, Ismail Kadare. Ismail Kadare is the potential candidate to be eligible for the Nobel Prize. As a national figure honoring us anywhere in the world with his work, he deserves support, not ambitious criticism. Ismail Kadare is the honor of the Albanian nation. With his work, he has centered the values of the ancient ignorance of civilization as well as of modern times. Unrighteous criticisms of him are in fact desperate attempts at national cultural heritage. With deliberate intentions, attacks are directed at its contribution to the past in the period of socialism. The first, allegedly glorified Enver Hoxha and was privileged by the regime of that time. Second, it was not followed by the State Security, but on the contrary it is accused of foolishly by two charlatans up to and who has been a collaborator. Criticisms, murderous personality defamations and the given contribution, deliberate denigrating accusations made by special persons, are repeated and intensified with Ismail Kadare, especially at certain moments of his work estimates, as well as in the period that the candidacies are prepared and discussed for the Nobel Prize. Public opinion understands the purpose of criticism, libelousness and unfair accusations. In the media and in the conversations and comments that are made in everyday life, they react with disappointment, critique or condemn these people morally. Albanians have consolidated for more than half a century that Ismail Kadare deserves appreciation and honors for his contribution to the literature and civilization of the Albanian nation as well as to the peoples of the world. Our great writer honors everywhere, reads them, teaches and educates themselves with thoughts and ideas that radiate his works, motivate, generate mental, physical, and spiritual energy. In a delayed, but never forgotten reaction, Ismail Kadare responds to criticisms, defamations, deliberate and malicious accusations and clarifies his past attitudes. His published opinions are reasoned, objective, concrete, with arguments, straightforward document-based conclusions that foster ideas and enlighten thoughts, remove the gray fog and the perversity that create slander and malicious accusation, soothe honest, disturb and condemn the perpetrators who have intended to dramatize the lives of others and the social conscience.


It is necessary to re-emphasize and keep the focus of public, internal and international public attention, that Ismail Kadare was actually the unfaithful person, suspected and persecuted by Enver Hoxha and Ramiz Alia.

Both of them coexisted at the time when Ismail Kadare's creativity came up and did so amazingly and fantastically, benefited as much as he could. Instead of supporting it, unfortunately they fought as hard as they could. There has been another moral crime by these two people who have long run the state, hypocrisy with the propaganda that "we read and worship Ismail Kadare".

This straightforward conclusion can not be put simply in doubt about the shortcomings mentioned for his past, which are highlighted by objective criticism. The writer's values can not be harmed by the positive attitudes of the political and state leadership of the time, contacts and official and human relations, merit-based assessments, duties as a deputy, vice president of the Albanian Democratic Front.

With civic and national responsibility, it is necessary to evaluate the truth, strengthen the conviction and take the place required in the official attitudes and opinion of the public that Ismail Kadare has been actively pursuing under pressure and endangered directly to be arrested by State security and prosecution, as well as sentenced by the court. Ismaili was followed at any moment in Albania and wherever he went abroad, with services or promotions of his works.

For this purpose, all available available tactical, technical and scientific tools have been used to keep it under control, under pressure and to gather evidence to bring criminal responsibility and criminally convicted. With the conviction of the merits and the courage to see the light of unjustly denied truth, it is required to reflect, accept and evaluate courageously, and the proven and provable truth at any time for the prosecution and legal prosecution that Ismail Kadare was made.

If analyzed with professional skills and pure civic consciousness, objectivity and tranquility, without passions and emotions, without unilateral political interests, without prejudices influenced by criticism, libel and accusations of some malevolent persons, perverted career carers, is achieved in the conclusion that the writer was a typical intellectual persecuted in the state of the dictatorship of the proletariat. Public opinion is increasingly obeying this truth. Ismail Kadare officially deserves the "political dissident" rating.

In this definition is required to be reflected for several reasons: First, Ismail Kadare is a realistically pursued intellectual with all the opportunities that the secret and open security activity of the State Security has had. Second, he was ordered by the party-state leadership to strictly enforce arrest, be charged and punished by the court as an enemy and conspirator. Third, his pursuit of pursuit has been recognized internationally. Ismail Kadare was taken on official defense and given the status of political asylum by the state in France, precisely because of the dangers he and his family suffered from the pursuit by state authorities in Albania.

Fourth, the high decorations given in France, Spain etc. were argued with the motivation for the colossal contribution to literature in the period of socialism when he developed and witnessed the creative genius talent and ebbed for ever greater inside and outside the world. With this motivation, the writer was honored as "Honorary Citizen" in several capitals and cities in Europe. Fifth, at the US Congress, the national flag of the United States of America was raised to honor and appreciation of his literary work of extraordinary proportions and contribution to today's world civilization.

Ismail Kadare's international assessment of the countries of the most developed Western democracies of our time has been done by assessing the difficulties, persistent risks and political, ideological, cultural and social conditions in which he has lived, faced, committed to work, and has achieved to successfully develop literary creativity. If Ismail Kadare had glorified Enver Hoxha, these states of Western developed democracy would not honor a writer who served the communist dictatorship.

For Albania and the entire Albanian nation, it would not be more useful for Ismail Kadare to be victimized, assessed and remarried as a martyr compared to the cautious stance to escape the open and secret measures of prosecution, coping with the difficulties , devotion to his passion for literature, the great contribution given consciously to the art, culture and contemporary civilization of the nation, and in particular to Albanian, European and world literature. Ismail Kadare himself emphasizes with sincerity, dignity, and convincing arguments that he is not a dissident. He does not want to qualify as such. With conscience and modesty, Ismaili argues that he has written literature even when it was difficult to write.

Her time constraints were real and with serious consequences, as anyone who freely expressed his free thought was accused and punished with the utmost punishment for agitation and propaganda against the state, or even more serious offenses, up to treason against the homeland as a conspiracy. Ismail Kadare was publicly praised during the night, while the night was secretly being watched. Ismail Kadare was publicly praised for the extraordinary significant contribution and unlikely to underestimate or deny it, while in secret it remained suspicious and dangerous by political leadership. For his ideas that disturbed, shaken, and created uncertainty for political leadership, he was directly executed by the leader and was really under the poison of the State Security.

The truth behind the pursuit of Ismail Kadare by State Security is based on and proven in the objective analysis of documents, real facts, ideas, attitudes he has held in the works and messages they provide about political, ideological, philosophical, cultural, social, life of anyone who thought differently from the template ideas of the time and wanted to have a vision of the best future. His pursuit of pursuit is the fact that undermines the denigrating criticism, the true purpose of defamations and accusations, the intent of conscientious assassination, political, ideological and literary lynching.

"The Palace of Dreams" was the site where the divinely "commander" invented and commanded the pursuit of legacies by fabricating and manipulating the evidence, finding and imposing the persons who could testify against, creating the premise of undertaking concrete actions to condemn as an enemy anyone who became somewhat dangerous to the absolute power of the "great and beloved leader".


Ismail Kadare is one of the well-known intellectual personalities of the era of dictatorial socialism, which was placed on the black list of enemies and traitors. With these motives, he was listed as a typical person in the composition of the conspiracy group led by Mehmet Shehu. Under the accusation of a conspiracy associate against Enver Hoxha, Ismaili would be punished and would be an example to frighten the people, especially writers and generally intellectuals, anyone who would dare to think and express different from the leader's ideology and politics. The plot as a plotter was real, documented and ordered to be enforced.

• In 1981 and 1982, with the initiative and direct interest of Enver Hoxha and Ramiz Alia, the State Security and the investigator ordered and prepared the procedural documents for the arrest of Ismail Kadare, with serious accusations of hostile activity as an accomplice in the plot pledged by Mehmet Shehu.

The Minister of Internal Affairs has run legal and procedural measures by the State Security and the conspiracy group to prepare documents that Ismail Kadare is arrested as a party saboteur in literature, art and culture, and as a member of the group a conspirator led by Mehmet Shehu. The operational group and the investigative group have cooperated and have prepared concretely the forwarding legal procedural material for arrest.

For this purpose, dozens of persons, defendants and witnesses were questioned, minutes from the investigative group and the operational group were handled by Fikret Shehu, Mihallaq Ziçishti, Skënder Shehu, Bashkim Shehu and so on. A "facsimile facsimile" was also published, where are clearly documented allegations of hostile conspiracy by Ismail Kadare.

Creating opportunities to publish these documents would be analyzed responsibly by researchers and specialists as well as by persons recognized at that time for honesty and objectivity in the work of the State Security, Investigation, Prosecution and Court in during the period of socialism, it would certainly be understood, documented and recognized more extensively the pursuit of Ismail Kadare. Public and international public opinion would be more convinced of this hidden reality of the past.

Much of the people who accused Ismail Kadare in secret and in certain situations would be faced with moral responsibility, but talk with different ideas and tones in other circumstances and in the present time;

• In 1990, following Ismail Kadare's request for political asylum in France, he was formally declared as a deserter, as a traitor. Ramiz Alia has directly ordered the Minister of Internal Affairs and State Security, as well as the First Secretary of the Tirana Party Committee, former member of the Politburo, to take measures against Ismail Kadare to prosecute him. Punishment with typical political and legal characterization as a traitor had several goals:

1. To support and advocate the political stance of the leadership of the party-state;

2. To give even greater power to the organized state violence that was executed by direct order of Ramiz Ali for the macabre killings at the state border, as well as the horrific scenes of coronation in some border towns, such as Shkodra, Saranda, etc. ., of persons who had attempted to flee overseas.

3. At the same time, the aim was to prevent the escaping of officials who went abroad with services;

• Ramiz Alia has ordered directly from the investigator to commence the criminal case against Ismail Kadare. After analysis in the secretariat and at the Politburo, an order was issued for prosecution in the immediate reaction to his request for political asylum in France. Rigorous criminal measures have been enforced against anyone who escaped or returned to Albania when he was away with a service for sports, science, visitors, etc .;

• Personal and official position of Ramiz Alia was published in the newspaper "Zëri i Popullit", as well as the unanimous decision of the party and state leadership in the announcement made by ATSH: "ISMAIL KADARE DEZERTOI".

Foreign press reports say that writer Ismail Kadare, who has been in service for nearly a month in France, recently called for political refuge there. With this ugly act that greatly offends the patriotic and civic consciousness of our people, he abandoned the people and the homeland and put himself in the service of the enemies of Albania and the Albanian nation;

• The open and secret investigative pursuit of Ismail Kadare from the State Security is widely documented. Public opinion is also known in the original documents published in several monographic scientific publications, articles in print media, audio-visual shows, in documents published by "WikiLeaks", in social networks "Facebook", "Twitter"

These evidence and facts are documented in the State Archives, the archives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the archives of the Central Committee of the Socialist Party, and partly published in the written and audio-visual media. They testify for the most serious consideration of realistic legal and legal prosecution, as well as the whole of Ismail Kadare's figure.


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