"I believed, but he harassed my wife", left in jail husband who killed neighbor

LEONIDHA MUSAJ / The court of Durres has ruled today the security measure "imprisonment" for the 37-year-old who executed the neighbor in ambush and then self-rendering in the Shkodra Police. The murders occurred Sunday morning in Durres on honorary matters.

1. To validate the lawful "detention" of 26.02.2019 at 17.00, committed against citizen Ndue Zefi, suspected of conducting criminal acts of "Murder in Qualifying Circumstances" and "Unauthorized Holding and Production of Weapons, Weapons explosives and ammunition "provided by articles 79/1 / dh and 278/1 of the Criminal Code.

Ndue Zefi, who surrendered yesterday morning at the Shkodra Police, admitted that he had killed in honor of the 45-year-old, with whom he had several years of experience after living in the village of Kurbin Adriatik.

He has acknowledged the authorship of the crime, while declaring that the conflict has started for honorable matters. The 37-year-old suspected that Martin Ndreca had intimate relationships with a member of his family, so he fired against him, leaving him dead in the country.

"With Martin we have old acquaintances, because we have lived in the Adriatic for several years. I considered a man trusted, but he cut me in the covenant. I had heard various jokes about honor affairs. On that day (on the day of the event) we went to ask for an account of his actions, we did not know how to behave like people after being arrogant, leaving no other choice. We first ran into the cafeteria, then at the crime scene. I pulled him in the direction of him several times with complete conscience, as he had the lead plummet, "he told the 37-year-old investigators.

Going further, Zefi said that after the crime he had left Durrës to hide in Puka (his native land).

"After I found out she was dead, I quickly left the scene. A few meters away from the crime scene I dropped the gun, which I left killing and left for Puka, in my hometown, to hide. But I decided to surrender to the police, because I did not want to remain hidden, but to face justice, "Zefi said, who is now facing black seals to learn the security measure the Court will decide for the 37-year-old.

Based on this evidence, law enforcement officers have managed to find the weapon and carry out its seizure in the quality of material evidence. Police said that around 1:10 pm on Sunday, in the former neighborhood, Ndue Zefi, 37, from Puka, for allegedly poor reasons is suspected of killing a citizen Martin Ndreca, 45, from Mirdita, a resident in this neighborhood. The author and victim have been in a local and have had old acquaintances with each other.

They have had a hassle in the cafeteria and then Ndue Zefi has gone home to get the crime gun. Zefi shot 5 times in the direction of the 45-year-old, while a bullet traversed the vital organs, leaving it dead in the car inside "Benz".

It is learned that Ndreca and Zef, besides being neighbors in Durres, have also been adjoining in the Kurbini Adriatic. Both families lived in rent in the former Durres swamp, while Martin Ndreca occasionally went to perform seasonal work in Germany.


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