DAMAGES / Operation "Enigma" was disowned by police inside

The "Enigma" operation for the arrest of members of a drug trafficking organization, lying in Albania and Italy, may have been overrun by the Durrës police.

This is the latest suspicion for the breakthrough operation that shackled 2 people in Tirana, while 5 others, including gang drivers, are still looking.

The Internal Affairs and Complaints Service has launched investigations for 9 Durrës police officers for deconstructing the Enigma operation.

But why has this investigation started? In Albania, 7 warrants were imposed for 7 gang members. Two of them were in Tirana, while five of them were in Durrës, or Shijak.

While Tirana Police arrested two fugitives, Durres Police could not arrest any of the five wanted.

According to Panorama sources, Hajri brothers had long been observed by police agents, but at the last moment they were not arrested.

Police suspect that Altin Hajri, who is thought to have been in Albania, be signaled by police officers in Durres or Shijak's post.

While for her other brother, Emiliano Hajri, according to TIMS, turns out to be leaving Albania on September 28 through the Rinas airport.

The prosecution has recently seized the property of the fugitive named Harri. Also, it is learned that the brothers have emptied their bank accounts shortly before the operation.

Yesterday, in a large operation extending to Italy and Albania, 16 people were trapped in drug trafficking. Only two of them have been arrested in Albania.

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